Mini Movie Reviews: Lincoln, The Croods, Silver Lining Playbook and more!

At the beginning of the year I decided to start making Family Movie Night a regular thing around here. Most Fridays I buy a few frozen pizzas and take the kids to the video store where we rent something fun to watch together and usually something fun for Mom & Dad to watch after they go to bed.

Here are some mini reviews on movies we’ve watched recently on the big screen and the little screen:

We may be totally late to the party, but hubby and I rented Lincoln last weekend and it was amazing. I’d been worried the movie would be too dry or hard to focus on after a long, fantastic mother’s day, but it’s very engaging and I can see now why it got so many awards and nominations. Everyone was superb, especially Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This was one of those movies that spurred a lot of conversation afterwards which is always nice. Funny, insightful, heart breaking, memorable.

We also rented Parental Guidance with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler – a very cute, sweet, funny family movie. This is a great cross-generation kind of movie that the kids, parents and grand parents would enjoy. It does a great job of humorously showcasing the differences in parenting styles in the different generations – for better or worse and tells a really sweet story of family becoming closer.

We watched Lady & the Tramp with the kids Friday night and they both really loved it. It is such a different experience watching beloved movies from my childhood again as a parent. This one holds up well though I couldn’t help but notice that the song in the pound about the Tramp being a real ladies man – who just needs the right girl to come along and tame him… is kind of left wide open afterwards. If this movie were made today – I think they would have written that differently. No wonder so many girls have such a Bad Boy complex!

On Mothers day morning, we went to see The Croods which was both terrifically funny and also made me cry a few times. I thought Nicholas Cage did a great job voice acting the father in the movie and really thought the movie as a whole was fantastic. This one might be worthy of buying when it comes out on DVD.

A couple weekends ago Dan and I rented Silver Lining Playbook and we both really liked it. It was a strange, kind of beautiful movie. Major props to Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper who both did such an amazing job with their characters. I loved how the energy of the movie kind of flowed with the internal feelings of the characters. It felt frantic and crazy in parts and then at the end it was like everyone collectively, finally, exhaled. Great movie.

We watched Brave again recently – we saw it in theater with the kids but BB didn’t seem to remember much of the movie so a rewatch seemed in order. This is probably one of the best recent Princess movies that has come out – Merida is a princess you will WANT your little girls to look up to and aspire to be like. A very sweet movie that holds up well to rewatching.

We also rented Rise of the Guardians with the kids, both of whom seemed to enjoy it, especially my 7 year old son. I thought this was very appropriately timed for him because he’s just getting to that age of wondering if the characters in the movie (Santa, the Tooth Fairy, etc) may be real or not. It was very sweet but also action packed, but not too scary in my opinion. My three year old daughter didn’t seemed disturbed at all by the scary parts and both laughed out loud at the funny parts. My son loved seeing all the different interpretations of what the characters were really like – a very creative and interesting take on beloved childhood characters.

What movies have you seen recently?