weekend link love: march 14, 2014

link love

This morning I slipped and fell on the sidewalk on the way home from the bus stop and all I could think was, “Seriously? Again? I am so over this winter.” It was by far my least serious fall this winter but just…. I’m  just so over it, you know? March feels like the longest month ever because February just sort of rolls into it at some point in a blurry moment of defeat and your pretty sure it has been March since like November at this point – and this week? Has there been a week this winter where I’ve said, “This week was awesome! I wish it wasn’t over already!!!” I think not.

But luckily it is almost over, this week. While I attempt to make it through the rest of the afternoon without hurting myself, let’s talk about all the great distractions of the internet right now, shall we?

I just discovered this new web series from the folks at Shipwrecked called Kissing in the Rain which stars Mary Kate Wiles aka The Lydia Bennet. Kissing in the Rain tells this story of two sets of actors who keep finding themselves kissing in the rain, all while grappling with their off-camera feelings between takes. It’s kind of amazing and there has only been one episode so far.

But while I fell down that rabbit hole, I discovered the other webseries that Shipwrecked has done, A Tell Tale Vlog, and it’s kind of amazing.

I’m officially hooked on the world of webseries, especially when they are based on famous literature. Particularly The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved are both excellent for killing a long afternoon that feels like it will never end. Also known as my preschooler has totally given up napping.

Okay – for those of you are all thanks but do you have any suggestions that don’t require me to watch videos because I need something to do that’s quieter, mkay? Here you go:

The Most Downloaded Books in Each State via BuzzFeed – Like my tbr pile needed any help

St Patricks Day Around the World via Little Passports – great to share with the kids

Inside a Woman’s Mind at Target via Thought Catalog – I think we can all relate to this

Which Veronica Mars Character Are You? Sherlock? Modern Family? I could go on.

Okay, I’ll leave you with this picture that kinda just completes me:


I don’t know the original source but it’s kinda perfect, no?


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