Weekend Link Love: February 7, 2014


I am feeling pretty relieved that it’s Friday today – it’s been a long week of very little motivation and very cranky children (or was that cranky mommies? I’m not sure). My get up and go? Yeah, it definitely got up and went this week. Luckily the internet has been here to entertain me!

Here are some of the best things I saw online this week:

In Praise of Store-bought Valentines at Parent Hacks – Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that not everything requires us to go above and beyond the call of parenting duty. Sometimes store bought valentines are just fine – especially if you found them in the Target dollar bins!

3 Common Grammar Errors at Huffington Post – What grammar mistake is your biggest pet peeve?

Baked French Toast at Annie’s Eats – This is an old post but I just made them again this weekend and the whole family was raving. This is a recipe worth sharing!

Famous Books Recreated by Babies at BuzzFeed – In case you need a literary excuse to squeal at the cuteness of babies whose diapers you don’t have to clean.

America the Irritable at Neon Fresh – This one had me saying, “Sing it, sister!” If you wanted something of the more funny, less political statement-y variety, try Making Parent Friends is Just Like Dating – an oldie, but a goodie that makes me say, “OMG, I know, right??”

And now three videos that you must watch immediately:

Fair warning: maybe not safe for work

You didn’t think I could go a whole post without talking about Benedict Cumberbatch, did you?

Amongst my friends, if you talk about Cumberbatch, you must talk about Hiddleston also, just for good measure. Fair is fair, you know.

What’s the best thing YOU read online this week?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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