momma loves: hershey chocolate hazelnut spread


I don’t normally request products for review, but when I saw that Hershey’s was coming out with a line of chocolate spreads – I’ll admit that I pounced on the opportunity to try a bottle through a Crowd Tap sample share opportunity.

Our family loves a good chocolate hazelnut spread – we’ve been Nutella fans for years – so I was excited to put this new spread to the test.


BB inspected the jar carefully and concluded that this is GOOD STUFF. No high fructose corn syrup and the same nutritional information you’d be likely to find on peanut butter or other chocolate spreads on the market. With her seal of approval, I confidently moved on to the taste test.

First, breakfast:


We tried the hazelnut spread on an english muffin. I like to use two different toppings on English muffins, as I tend to get bored quickly apparently. I did a basic grape jelly on one half and the Hershey’s Hazelnut spread on the other. Delicious – and the flavor combination was perfection. The spread is sweet but not too sweet – I was pleased to see that the ingredients all played nicely together.


Of course the infamous PB&C sandwich was a mandatory – my daughter LOVES these sandwiches for lunch and though I try to give them sparingly, I’ll admit that they are a regular occurrence in our home. This sandwich definitely passed muster with the little one who happily gobbled it up.


My handsome husband turned me onto the genius idea of dipping animal crackers in the chocolate spread as a mid-day or after dinner snack. We have this giant container of animal crackers from Costco that will seemingly never be emptied, but I did my part. This is a great snack – it’s similar to spreading it on graham crackers, but you don’t need a spoon or knife.


On a similarly salty note, the chocolate hazelnut spread also pairs nicely with peanut butter filled pretzels – for all the same reasons that it tastes great in a peanut butter sandwich really. This is a nice midday snack that is equally as easy and hassle free as the animal cracker idea but with a little extra protein to take you further towards your next meal.


And of course – the classic – strawberries dipped in chocolate. This kind of had to happen and it was just as amazing as you’d imagine. You could also dip banana slices or maybe grapes as well. The possibilities are endless!

What do you use chocolate spreads for? Any good recipe ideas? Feel free to send any suggestions my way!


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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