The X-Factor: My Top 3


Last night two of my personal Top 4 favorites for this season’s X-Factor were sent home. As a DVR-reliant, non-voting fan I can’t really blame America for these results and would actually argue that in today’s DVR-dominant society that one evening to vote isn’t really enough to get an accurate look at America’s opinion. I think they should drop the next night result show, give America one week to vote and then announce who is moving on at the start of next week’s show. But that’s just my humble opinion and there are probably lots of smart, money-driven reasons why this wouldn’t work.

All we can do now is move on to next week and focus on the acts remaining, wishing the contestants who’ve been voted off all the best in things to come. After watching last night’s performance, I had to add one more person to my list of favorites, bringing me to a list of 3 Acts that I think are super awesome and should totally win.

WARNING: I repeat: SPOILERS COMING!! You have been warned!

My Top 3 Acts Are:


Alex and Sierra continue to make me smile each week and continue to deliver interesting, unique performances that don’t pander to what the media hype machine think they should be singing and thus give us a truly accurate representation of what they are all about and what an Alex & Sierra CD might sound like. The sound? Is one I’d buy and possibly see in concert.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say they are everything that is great about music and in all honesty, they are my favorite act this season (a decision made simple to declare since Khaya was sent home – ridiculous, by the way!). I applaud them  for taking artistic risks with their performances and not playing it safe.


Josh’s performance LAST week was better than this week, but this week’s performance was still solid and he frankly just has it. The problem for him will be consistently bringing it and upping his game each week before the judges call him boring or predictable or some other adjective used to make their own contestants sound better. It’s seriously hard to take their judging seriously when they are also competing.

All that aside, Josh has a great voice and a lot of determination and drive – not to mention his whole career ahead of him. He is just a baby really and in some ways it is his young age that makes his talent all the more impressive, but impressive nonetheless it is.


Why didn’t I include Jeff Gutt in my list last time? Honestly just because I was determined to have a Top 4 for some reason and also, though Jeff is consistently good – he hasn’t always been consistently great and sometimes I wonder if the judge’s lengthy portrait of him as the single dad who can’t seem to catch a break just puts a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t like it when I feel like I’m having my heart strings intentionally pulled for the sake of a vote, which may be why I’m hesitant to get behind some of the season’s other sob stories. I will decide I like you when you deliver a performance that makes me sit up and pay attention – not a story that all humans agree is moving. ::steps off soap box::

Last night Jeff delivered that kind of performance – of Bohemian Rhapsody of all songs, no easy feat – and it kind of put everything in perspective for me. Single dad or no, if he can rock that song without it seeming forced or karaoke, then he has more chops than I’ve been giving him credit for. Maybe he is still finding that sound that makes HIM unique, yes even after all these years, but he really can sing (and perform) and so if I could have my dream team of a Top 3 Finale, he would be my third choice.

Who would be in your Top 3?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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