My top picks for X-factor

Now that we’re a few weeks into the latest season of X-factor, I’ve started to find myself speculating on who I think could win, whose albums I’d actually buy, etc.

I don’t necessarily agree with the judges week to week and often question how legitamite their feedback really is when they are also competing with each other and are thus biased. I’ve seen them slam performances I enjoyed and vice versa.

So all that aside, here is my current “dream team” – the people I’d most like to see make it to the finals.


I think Alex and Sierra are incredible. I always enjoy hearing their creative interpretations of songs and find that they consistently deliver a great performance. They also have a very clearly defined niche so there is no question about where they fit into the music industry.


Josh has really grown on me lately. I wasn’t sure at first but his performance this week really wowed me. Covering Straight Up by Paula Abdul was a risky endeavor but he pulled it off without being too karaoke or ridiculous. Major kudos to him!


Khaya has one of the strongest voices in the competition. Period. I cannot believe how great she is at such a young age and I would definitely buy her album! She has a great, unique voice and she consistently delivers.


Tim gets a lot of grief but I adore his voice. I know he still struggles with nerves so maybe he lacks a bit of swagger but he has one of my favorite voices this season so I am continuing to root for him. I think with practice he will be amazing.

There are certainly other great artists on the show who have done great but these are my four favorites at the end of the day.

Who are you rooting for?


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