BLOG LOVE: A not entirely comprehensive list of my favorite bloggers.

blog love

I read a lot of blogs. That is an understatement. I read blogs like it’s my job, across a few different genres, and over time I’ve amassed a collection of favorite bloggers who in my opinion are the best of the best, cream of the crop, the [insert your favorite cliche here].

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you guys some of my absolute favorites. If you are looking for a new blog to love fiercely, these are some excellent choices. I’m not listing ALL the blogs I love or else I’ll be here all day so if you don’t see your amazing blog listed, don’t be discouraged – I love you, too, I swear.

If you’re looking for something amazing:

Simple Mom (soon to be The Art of Simple) is one of my favorite bloggers, period. She is the mastermind behind the Simple Kids, Simple Bites, Simple Homeschooling, etc. blogs and an amazing writer. She shares tips for simplifying life and also just tips for bettering yourself. If you are looking for inspirational / educational posts – Tsh is sure to deliver.

The Pioneer Woman – I know you’ve probably heard of Ree’s blog if you aren’t already a sworn follower. She has her own cooking show on Food Network, is married to a cowboy, has a half dozen kids whom she homeschools and makes time to write cookbooks, children’s books and more. I think she’s a super hero.

Chatting at the Sky is a new favorite of mine. It’s written by Emily who is amazing and writes about basically anything you can think of. One of my favorite features on her blog happens around the end of most months when she shares the things she’s learned each month, silly or serious, and encourages her readers to link up and play along.

Modern Mrs. Darcy is another link you need to have in your feed reader. She is always writing something interesting and tends to join a lot of blogging carnival / meme type things that appeal to me, so I have come to consider her a great source of information and inspiration when I need it.

If you’re hungry:

Sally’s Baking Addiction is a new favorite of mine. Her food photography sends me into convulsions and makes me all all drooly and diet wrecky. I’m planning to make her peanut butter bacon dog treats for our puppy’s first birthday this month. Shh don’t tell him! I’d seriously love to just bake my way through her blog someday because seriously.

Our Best Bites is another blog I frequent regularly. Whether you are looking for an easy weeknight dinner or an epic dessert to bring to your next party, this is a great place to look for something yummy.

If you’re looking for a good book:

5 Minutes For Books is a great resource for book reviews and book related blog carnivals, like their monthly What’s On Your Nightstand meme where dozens of bloggers link up to share what books they are and have been reading over the past month.

Chick Lit is Not Dead is written by two authors, Liz and Lisa who review books, interview authors and do a TON of book giveaways. Funny, personable and a great place to find book ideas!

If you need a laugh:

The Bloggess is a great choice for lover’s of dark humor. Not always safe for work, but always good for a laugh (and occasionally a cry). Jenny manages to be hilariously snarky and heartfelt all at the same time.

Mommy Shorts is written by Ilana, a mother of two in New York. She is one of the funniest people I’ve ever encountered and has created a huge name for herself in the blogging world with fun blog events like Baby Mugging, Evil Baby Glare Off Contests and more. Her daughter is about the same age as mine so it’s also been really fun to read about her daughter’s antics as mine is going through all the same things. I think someday BB and Mazzy could be total besties or at least frenemies!

Crappy Pictures is another fun “mommy blog” that breaks the mold through creativity, cleverness and a lot of humor. All Amber’s stories about mothering and, you know, life are illustrated with, you guessed it, crappy pictures drawn by her.

If you like pretty clothes:

Ain’t No Mom Jeans is probably my all time favorite fashion blog – pretty clothes for real women? Love! Shauna is all about helping women find their personal style  and tries to deliver practical fashion advice that works in the real world.

A Beautiful Mess manages to combine a fashion blog with craft ideas, great recipes, photography inspiration and more. It’s frankly just beautiful to look at their blog and you are bound to find something amazing while you are there.

If you’re feeling crafty:

Ana-white is a godsend. Her blog is filled with free plans for making your own furniture and her stuff is so gorgeous. I have a wish list a mile long from this blog and my husband has managed to make a few of those wishes a reality for me. If you are handy in the workshop or have a husband who is? You need to know about this blog.

How About Orange is a handy blog whether you are looking for a great font, desktop wallpaper, craft idea or online style quiz. She’s got all things design in her back pocket and is a good bet for those afternoons that never end where you find yourself needing a distraction badly.

That’s all for now, but I could totally go on if time were of no importance to me!

What are some of your favorite blogs?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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