Cleaning out my closet!


My bedroom closet has been an unmitigated disaster since we moved into our house two and a half years ago. Anything that we weren’t ready to unpack or deal (or anything we had to take away from the kids) always seemed to end up in our bedroom and often at the bottom of my closet. It sat like that for years and kinda just kept getting worse until one day not long ago I had had it.

We were trying to come up with a creative solution for organizing our clothes so that we could give one of our two dressers to the kids. BB has outgrown her small little IKEA dresser and really needs a human sized dresser and I kept groaning over the idea of buying them bedroom furniture when we are still using the old bedroom set that my dad used like twenty years ago. When do I get pretty new furniture??

Then I took a good long look at the contents of my dresser and realized that the majority of my clothing was already in my closet which was otherwise a giant waste of space. I had every giant blanket we own piled on one side because we don’t own any furniture big enough to contain them. The other side had cardboard boxes and piles of old stuff and perched precariously above, my wardrobe. Yikes. Don’t even get me started on the top shelf above the closet which is an ocean of pants that don’t fit me and old Halloween costumes.

So clearly it was time to do something about this. I needed to clean out the closet and then find some clever storage solutions so that I could empty my dresser and then in turn hand it over to the child who keeps growing.

Supplies I Used

And then I…

First I took those space saving bags and put the 8 million pillows that we keep for when company is over and shrunk them down small enough to throw in one of the two totes. The other tote I filled with all of our miscellaneous blankets. Both totes moved to the basement.

Next I took those large fabric drawers and filled them with the clothing that is one size too small that had been cluttering my closet’s top shelf. I also took this time to find anything that didn’t need to be in the closet and got rid of it, moved it, whatever. Some things I simply folded nicer and put them on the other side of the closet’s top shelf.

Then I assembled the furniture from Closet Maid and put one on each side of the closet (so my photo shows the cubicles, the 2 drawer unit is on the other side. Then I emptied the entire contents of my dresser into the four fabric cubes and the two drawers, organizing by type of clothing, which was mostly socks, undergarments, pajamas and workout clothes.

I’m not entirely done – I still need to find a home for a couple more things, but oh my gosh, the improvement is so fantastic! I finally have a functioning closet again!


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