Things I’m Loving: Crowd Tap

Have you heard of Crowd Tap? It’s basically a website that connects the general public (i.e. you and me) with companies and PR agencies like IKEA, Smart Ones, Fig Newtons, etc and gives us a platform to communicate.


The companies post surveys, challenges and group discussions that you can participate in to help them make decisions about their products. In return, your actions on Crowd Tap earn you points which eventually turn into prize entries. At the end of every month the companies draw a certain amount of entries and reward those users with gift certificates. Typically 100 points = 1 entry.

crowdtap4Last month I won a prize from 5 of the companies on Crowd Tap, which equated to $35 in gift certificates to Amazon and Walmart  – just by taking some surveys online! The thing I love about Crowd Tap is that you can really do as little or as much as you want to. Answer ALL the questions or just what you have time for. Do just surveys or compete in challenges – it’s totally up to you. And since it’s all coordinated on one website, it’s super easy to flip through and answer questions from dozens of companies with ease.

Some of the questions are super focused on a product that they are  trying to better market. Some are super silly and seem designed to make you smile. Some are multiple choice, some actually ask for a few sentences of input – others require just a single click. I typically spend about 20 minutes on Crowd Tap in a day and try to log in several times a week, but you could hang out there longer or just check in once a week or for a few minutes at a time.

The gift certificates I’ve earned so far all say that they never expire. I’m planning to try and stock pile the next couple months of certificates that I earn to put towards Christmas presents this year.

I only joined Crowd Tap a couple months ago but I am already hooked! It’ such an easy way to connect with marketing companies and earn some prizes at the same time!


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