Vacation to MA 2013: Visiting the Higgins Armory Museum (one last time)

higgins armory museum

It’s the end of an era. During our recent vacation to Massachusetts we had to stop by the Higgins Armory Museum one last time. They are transferring their collection to the Worcester Art Museum in January 2014 following the closure of Higgins Armory at the end of the year. Why are they closing?

“Like all museums, Higgins has been faced with the challenge of long-term sustainability,” says Suzanne Maas, Higgins’ interim executive director. “The original endowment for the institution was only $17,000, and yet it has managed to survive all these years thanks to the driving creativity of dedicated staff to deliver engaging programming and unrelenting support from the local community. To ensure the long-term sustainability of the core collection, we decided to move it to the Worcester Art Museum and combine our greatest strengths with theirs.”
“The trustees’ decision to transfer the collection is driven by the inescapable reality…

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