5 Minute Fix: Organize Your Subscription Crates With Just a Pen!


Mommas, this organizing tip is so simple and so genius, I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me already!

First off, I’m kind of lazy sometimes. I order a monthly subscription to Kiwi Crate and I love pretty much every project I’ve done with the kids (check out the cute watercolor aquarium animals we made this week), but I am the opposite of a Type A Soccer Mom and easily get intimidated by new projects and I’ve found my collection of boxes stacking up to an embarrassing level.

Once the stack started getting big enough, it became a daunting project to flip through every box and figure out what was inside, what we’ve done already, how involved the project is and perhaps most importantly, how messy it is.

My office, AKA the Dumping Ground, was in dire need of organizing and the giant stack of haphazardly perched Kiwi Crates was for sure at the top of my priority list. I needed to figure out how to better organize them so that we’d actually DO more of the projects and it occurred to me that:

Labeling the boxes would be a HUGE help.

I quickly organized the boxes by totally untouched crates and half-finished ones. Then I labeled each box by the project name, the level of involvement and how messy they were. I crossed off the names of the projects we’ve done so that I can see quickly what’s left. I stacked them up next to my desk with labels showing and the end result is that I can now glance at the stack and figure out which project I want to do with the kids without opening all of them!! How did I not think of this sooner?

I also had a few recent Little Passports and Top Secret Adventure packets for my 7 year old son – I perched those in the middle of the two stacks to keep them handy but not in the way (and I placed a little color with water paper that my daughter got at the library on top of everything so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle). Now all of our subscription based craft & activity projects are all in one place and organized!

Thanks to this really quick solution, I feel like the odds of us actually getting through the crates has definitely increased and it’s not nearly the eye sore that it was before.

Do you subscribe to Kiwi Crate?

Am I the last person on earth to come up with this idea or are you super excited about this idea, too?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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