Weekend Link Love: June 13, 2013

Who’s ready for summer? Enjoy these humble offerings of the best things I’ve seen or read online lately.


It’s almost uncanny how much this Monster ID photo channels me. Like if I were a monster, I’m pretty sure this would be me, exactly. Wanna make your own?


Roo @ Neon Fresh made me LOL with this post about the dangers of speaker phone. Come to think of it, she makes me LOL a lot.


Please enjoy this chronological timeline of River Song – warning to those behind on Doctor Who, potential *spoilers*. Warning to non Who-vians, I am a giant nerd.


School’s out for summer – sangria, anyone? Deb @ Smitten Kitchen has two delicious recipes to get you through those long summer days nights.


When you’re done drinking, print out this cute Paper Circus by the genius Joel @ Made By Joel. He’s got loads of other awesome paper printables that can totally pass as both a craft project and a toy for your kids with minimal effort on your part! So if you aren’t familiar with his work, take a few minutes to get acquainted.


Lastly, please enjoy my favorite photo from the week – taken at my daughter’s last ballet class. You can read more about that at my personal blog.


Have a great weekend guys!


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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