things momma loves: now on facebook!

If you’ve been wondering to yourself, “Self? How can I interact with Jen even more? She’s so awesome that I sometimes find myself wondering what things she loves when she isn’t blogging about them!” Well – your prayers have been answered!

When you aren’t busy reading my blog and leaving wonderful comments about how amazing I am, now you can also find me on Facebook and the fun never has to stop! Click on over and ‘like’ me for more insight into the momma behind Things Momma Loves. Learn about more of the things I love & tell me about the things YOU love! It’s gonna be a whole back and forth awesome kind of thing.

Still not enough? You can also ‘like’ the facebook page for my personal blog, Momma Blogs A Lot (it’s true, I do).

Why two blogs? Things Momma Loves was created and designed exclusively for reviews and babbling about my tv obsessions. It’s the materialistic, product sharing side of me. is the mother side of me. It’s pictures of my kids and stories about my day – it’s also where you’ll find me participating in blog carnivals and memes. I found a need to keep those things separate and I’ve loved the end result – but if you want to know what books I’m reading and tv shows I’m watching and what my kids & I did over the weekend, you will want to follow both blogs (and / or Facebook pages).

I hope you’ll come find me on Facebook & join in the conversation there and in the comments section below!


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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