Idol Thoughts: The Winner of American Idol Is…

I just finished watching the finale of American Idol (warning: spoilers ahead!) – my nap time ritual for the past several months. I think on the whole that Idol did a good job filling their two hour time block – it could have been cut shorter for sure, but there were some amazing and memorable performances filling those two hours.

Some of my favorite moments of the night:

Mariah Carey’s performance was one of my favorites – I love that she did a bunch of snippets from older songs that really highlight how amazing her career has become. After all, this is what these girls are striving for really. Mariah is one of the Idols I looked up to growing up and while I didn’t personally enjoy her as a judge, I always enjoy hearing her perform. She looked beautiful and sounded amazing as usual.

It was so nice to see Angie back on stage and to watch her sing with Adam Lambert, one of my favorite contestants of Idol past (and I know I’m not alone there), and then with Jessie J (her Idol) was amazing. I think this was a great visual reminder that “losing” Idol is not really losing. Adam has done very well for himself and it looks like Angie’s career is already off and running!

In the end, Candice Glover was crowned the Season 12 American Idol winner and I am so happy for her! Candice has such an amazingly powerful voice and she has delivered some of the best performances of Idol history. She is so very deserving of this win. And I don’t see this as a loss for Kree Harrison at all – I truly loved both girls equally this season and I look forward to hearing their future records.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – while this might not have been the best season of American Idol with a poor choice of judges over all and a few too many crazies lingering well into the show, among other things, one thing that Idol got right this season was finding Kree, Candice and Angie – these girls are amazing and truly worthy of their Top 3 status this season. Congrats, really, to all of them!

Who was your favorite contestant this season?

Who’s looking forward to a break from my Idol Thoughts for awhile?

Who thinks there should be more cake?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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