Dream Big Momma! A Wish List for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is this weekend and even though I am prettttty sure I won’t be getting the Subaru of my dreams, it doesn’t hurt to drool a bit, right? Here are some other things that top my Dream Big Momma! Mother’s Day Wish List.

  1. A macro lens for my camera – I have a little macro filter that is fun but the big bad lens would be awfully cool someday. I’d settle for a wireless remote to make taking pictures of me and the kiddos easier.
  2. Some cute ballet flats like these pretties at J Crew. Alternatively, twenty minutes alone in Famous Footwear and permission to buy something just for fun would be pretty cool, too.
  3. New counter tops like this gorgeous hardwood counter top on Pinterest. Or something pretty to put on the counters I have like this cute vase from IKEA.
  4. A weekend at some fancy spa & resort where I get pampered for hours and get to sleep in as late as I want. Or a massage at the Princeton Club.
  5. Breakfast at a little cafe in Paris and then a day of sight seeing, museum hopping and picture taking. Or breakfast in bed (or at the kitchen table – less messy) and home made cards & drawings from the kids.

What would be on your Dream Wish List for Mother’s Day?

What are you actually hoping for?


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