Idol Thoughts: Top Four (Finnegan, Begin Again)

Last night the Top Four ladies got one more chance at making it to the Final Three – though I understand the technicalities behind why they did not eliminate anyone last week, I can’t help but feel like it’s a little bit of a desperate act on the producer’s part to make us love the people they want us to love. Will we succumb to the judges’ critics and let their words become our own thoughts or will we agree to disagree? Who did you love? Who did you hate? Here are my thoughts on the final four ladies:

Candace Glover in my opinion gave the strongest performances last night, which should come as little surprise because she has one of the strongest voices. When she’s on her A Game she’s kind of an unstoppable force and last night she brought it all. I thoroughly enjoyed both of her performances, from her take on Bruno Mars’ When I Was Your Man to her beautiful rendition of You’ve Changed in round two. I’ll admit, that my Top 3 order changes a bit every week and that the following two ladies were neck and neck with Candace, per usual. I would be thrilled to see any one of them win this thing.

Kree Harrison got a lot of rough feedback from the judges last week but America seemed to disagree. Keep on believing, America! I continue to think that Kree is amazing and the judges are puppets stupid when they tell her differently. She got much more positive feedback this week and whether it was genuine or not, it was well deserved. She did a beautiful rendition of See You Again by Carrie Underwood and was even better in round two with Stormy Weather. I know her song choices might not appeal to Bubble Gum America but We Who Appreciate Real Music and Real People can see that Kreedom is amazing. She continues to win the battle of Who’s Album I’d Buy and Who’s Concert I’d Go To.

Angie Miller did awesome last night so the fact that she’s third on my list tonight is not really a negative statement, but more just that last night Kree and Candace did a smidge better. The judges gave Angie a lot of flack for her version of Rhianna’s Diamonds, apparently taking issue with her changes to the song that apparently they love. Me? I kind of can’t stand that song. I love Rhianna, but that is the worst song she’s ever done. However, what Angie Miller did with this song was miraculous, in my opinion, she completely redeemed the song, making major changes to all the parts of the song that I hate and transformed it into something so much better. So to the judges, I say, shame on you for not recognizing magic happening. They loved her performance of Someone to Watch Over Me which I thought was beautiful, but honestly her first performance was the one that stood out to me as a Wow Moment.

Amber Holcomb has become a thorn in my side this season and it’s not that I think she’s an awful singer or person, it’s just that the judges continually praise her for things that I don’t think need celebrating and ignoring a lot of her lesser moments. I think Amber has a nice voice but I think she’s still very young and immature and not up to par with the other three girls in the show. I didn’t enjoy either of her performances last night. The judges agreed with me on her soulless performance of Just Give Me a Reason (thank god) but seemed to think her performance of My Funny Valentine was the cat’s meow. I still can’t get over the fact that she didn’t understand the lyrics until Harry Connick Jr. spelled it out for her.

Speaking of Harry, can we talk about how great he was as a mentor? Funny and capable of giving constructive criticism without being a jerk? Why isn’t he an Idol judge again? This needs to happen and I can’t imagine he’d say no to the job offer. Idol execs, make this happen!!!

What did you think? Who did you love? Who did you hate? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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