spring cleaning: the dog’s belongings

jammie dodgers

One of the “downsides” to adopting a dog is that he comes with a lot of STUFF. And for the first month or so, all his stuff was living on my kitchen counter in an overflowing, cluttered to the max cardboard box. We kept saying “Yes, we’ll need to do something about this” but were too exhausted to think about it because of the whole raising a four month old high energy puppy, a three year old high energy toddler and a then six year old high energy first grader.

The Doctor's Cabinet

Also the solution to our problem, we knew, was going to involve buying stuff and we wanted to make sure we bought the right stuff. The main purchase we needed to make was a medium sized cabinet with doors and shelves to store the majority of his stuff. We finally settled on the Walker Dining Storage Cabinet at Target. I like the classic style and knew I’d be able to repurpose it someday if wanted. It has a nice drawer inside for storing all the little stuff and two shelves for the bigger stuff. The handles would be easy to “child proof” or “dog proof” if necessary and knowing my sneaky and clever kids and dog, I just may.

I also bought the Room Essentials Red Y-Weave basket at Target (sold online as a four pack, but I bought it individually in store) to corral the things we use daily that wouldn’t be a major deal if the dog got into it – things like his leash and harness and a few toys, etc. Things we want to be able to grab immediately but don’t want strewn across the counter.

The last and most recent purchase was more of a splurge. I wanted a cute container to keep his milkbone biscuits in that wasn’t see through (remember my clever and sneaky dog and children?). I also needed it to be sturdy, non-breakable and with a lid that was both easy to take on and off but with a good seal. This cute black chalkboard metal canister at World Market was perfect. It comes in multiple sizes and includes a piece of chalk so you can write something cute on the canister. We wrote “jammie dodgers” in reference to Doctor Who & the infamous British cookie, The Doctor being our dog’s name sake. The canister has worked perfectly and the price was great. I may have to pick up a couple more for other goodies.

So now all of the dogs stuff is stored and stored in style and mommy can breathe easy about at least one corner of her home being clean and tidy. I have a few more corners of the home that I’m hoping to organize this Spring, but this was my first and most important area to tackle. Unfortunately I didn’t get any before pictures but picture your kitchen counter absolutely trashed and nearly unusable and you’ll have a good idea of the state we were in.

This week Tsh @ Simple Mom is tackling closets and I can think of a few closets in our home that could use some tackling. I’ll hopefully be de-cluttering them soon. Are you joining in on Project Simplify this year?

Project Simplify on Simple Mom
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