Idol Thoughts: These Girls Are On Fire

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

It seems almost impossible at this point for it to be anything but a Girl’s Season on Idol this year with only one male left in the Top 6 of the competition. My Top 3 has been pretty consistent for awhile now, so I haven’t been blogging about Idol each week because it was getting broken recordy. But Candace Glover was so amazing yesterday that I had to stop in and say “Wow!!!!!!!!!!” She absolutely slayed one of my favorite songs, “Lovesong” written by The Cure but infamous to me because of the lovely Adele. Her rendition was beautiful and powerful and the judges were left sputtering.

I thought she had the two best performances of the night – as in, she totally killed it in both rounds 1 and 2. I think she might have the best voice in this year’s competition – though I have three personal faves and the songs I love each week vary a bit, there is just no denying her voice. She is solidly in my Top 3 for this season and wins the prize for best performance of the night in my book.

Here are my thoughts about the night in general:

Kree Harrison: Kree was definitely nipping at Candace’s heels in my book and clearly the judges agreed. She also earned very high praise, being commended for the effortlessness of her performances. I always love everything Kree sings and she continues to get my pick for artist whose CD I’d most likely buy.

Angie Miller: I’ve been a major fan of Angie’s from early on and I actually really enjoyed both of her performances this week – for me, the Top 3 are pretty tightly packed. The judges were not quite as pleased with her performance in round one, complaining that there was a lack of passion, but I didn’t get any of that. Everyone agreed her performance in round two, with the piano, was much better and Nikki basically told Angie that she needs to sit at that piano for the rest of the season or she will not win. I’m not sure how I feel about that and I think there are other contestants who really can’t hold a candle to Angie at the end of the day.

Janelle Arthur: Janelle really is the under dog of this season. She’s sung great pretty much consistently but I think the throw back vibe that she prefers is probably what’s hurting her. Her take on country music is different than what’s popular right now and while her voice is great, maybe it’s not amazing? I think she could make an album today and probably do really well, but I don’t see her winning the competition. She is probably one of my favorite personalities on the show though so I hope she sticks around longer.

Amber Holcomb: So this is where the judges and I are going to have to agree to disagree. For me, Amber did a major backslide yesterday into all of the things that I can’t stand about her performances. I thought her round one performance was dated and bland and her round two performance couldn’t hold a candle to Miss Beyonce, I’m sorry. I couldn’t understand basically anything she was saying and I thought her wardrobe choices were dated and annoying. Yet the judges were eating it up and calling her the best performer in the show and on and on and on…. From their perspective it would seem that Amber has an amazing voice but I mostly found it annoying this week (again).

Lazaro Arbos: I think even Lazaro wants Lazaro to go home at this point. The poor guy, really is being majorly outperformed and then railed on about it each week. His performances seem to be getting worse and worse and the judges are running out of things to say about it, because they clearly didn’t think he’d still be around at this point. Is he getting pity votes? Is this some cruel joke in an attempt to mess with Fox? Do people just really love him because he’s so sweet? I think he’s seem like a really nice guy but I’ll be pretty ticked off if he doesn’t go home tonight because everyone out-sang him yesterday, including Amber.

What did you think? Who are your faves this season?


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