on momma’s radar: the voice season premier

Source: nbcthevoice.tumblr.com via The Voice on Pinterest

Anybody else watching The Voice this season? I almost wasn’t going to, I am still a little bitter about Adam Levine voting off Rebecca Loebe back in 2011 but I was intrigued by the new judges: Usher, whom I’ve adored since I was a teeny bopper back in the day and Shakira, who, I mean really, does anything need to be said? They are both such total rock stars in their industry and a major change from Xtina and CeeLo. I figured I’d watch one episode and see if they were any good, if the talent was any good, etc. Basically, if the show was good enough to look past my angst with Adam.

The show started out with all four mentors rocking out together to Come Together by The Beatles. That. Was kind of awesome. I like their angle about how all four mentors ARE singers and I still love the idea of blind auditions – it’s a refreshing change from the image driven industry and it separates The Voice from other music competitions for sure (though you know I watch those, too). They did a kick ass job with one of my fave Beatles songs and I didn’t even mind the fact that Idol just did Beatles week last week. It was fun. Then the show started.

I love the two new judges – they are fun and engaging to watch. Usher is all attitude and he’ll give Adam a run for his money in the I Love Myself More Than Anyone Competition. Shakira was fun and Girl Power and gave good feedback. Usher accidentally called Nashville a state and the other mentors’ reactions were pretty funny. It was really fun to watch the mentors try to convince their favorite performers to choose their teams.

And the talent was pretty good – at least as good as the other competitions out there and I really appreciated the lack of Crazies and Drama. Idol milks that cow so much that it gets disgusting after awhile so kudos to The Voice for not going there. It was a lot of positive feedback and good vibes and great talent, especially the last contestant of the night, Judith Hill, though to be fair, it’s a little weird that she hasn’t Made It Big already given all her chances at this.

Source: youtube.com via The Voice on Pinterest

What did you think of the season premier episode? Any favorites yet?


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