Idol Thoughts: The Top 20 Perform

I just finished watching this week’s Top 20 performances on American Idol, split across two episodes. I was short on time so I found myself fast forwarding through boring performances so that I could get through all FOUR hours of television as quickly as possible but I think I saw enough to share my overall opinion on the contestants so far. Here are my thoughts on the past two nights.

When I first heard that they were going to cut the competition in half again I was thinking that seemed a little severe but frankly after listening to the Top 10 girls perform I was only able to name three people that definitely deserved to continue in the competition. Kree, Angela and Candace absolutely nailed it this week. Others were fine but not amazing and some were downright awful. There is a difference between I sound okay when I sing in the shower and I’m probably one of the best singers in the country. I’m just saying.

The guys did a little better, probably over half of them were good enough that I wouldn’t be furious with America if they are still on the show next week. My faves from this week were Lazaro, Paul Jolley and Nick Boddington. I could talk about the ridiculous crazy people that irritated the living daylights out of me, but I’m trying to be all zen and positive so I won’t name names. Just because they are awful and possibly clinically insane doesn’t mean I should blog about it.

But can we talk about the judging for a minute? Because the whole thing seems so forced and redundant that it drives me crazy. Keith says something good about everybody, always – even when they were awful. Nikki talks about how she wants to eat or marry the contestant and talks about their clothes. Randy states whether he agrees or disagrees with the other judges and then Mariah does this weird name droppy let’s talk about me while I pretend to talk about you thing. They inevitably think that everyone is pretty great but sometimes it wasn’t their best performance ever but they still love them like crazy because they are all so close after knowing each other for half a minute. Come on guys, you don’t have to be ridiculous cliches of yourselves.

Annnnnyway, this is by far one of my least favorite seasons so far but I’ll be sticking with it awhile longer as long as Angela Miller and Kree Harrison stick around anyway. What about you? Who do you love? Who do you hate? Who misses Simon a little?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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