Building their own board game with Kiwi Crate!

I’ve been hoarding this Kiwi Crate Design Your Own Board Game project for the ultimate snow day. I knew it would be a great project to do with both kids and today MM had the day off for a teacher inservice day AND it’s snowing. When they started getting antsy this morning, I brought out the project and was immediately declared Super Mom. Or they said, “sure.” Definitely one of those.

This was a super fun project with plenty for both kids to do. I had them each decorate one half of the game board (can you tell who decorated which half?) and each decorated their own game piece to look like themselves. I glued the colored squares to the wooden block which serves as the game die (is that the plural of dice? it doesn’t look right to me…) and I had my three year old, BB, help me glue the rest of the squares to the game board. At first I had her tell me which color went where and hand me the right color which I glued down.

Halfway through she grabbed the glue stick and said, “Okay, mommy, it’s my turn to glue now!” and she did a great job applying glue to the board spaces while I lay down the rest of the tiles. Lastly, each of us took some sheets of the purple game cards and bent and tore on the perforated line. These cards were nice and sturdy and VERY easy to tear apart. There were no accidental rips at all, even in the hands of my three year old! I was very impressed with the quality of the materials provided. Even the glue stick may be the best glue stick I own.

The game play was very simple. I had my 6 year old, MM, read the instructions out loud. Instructions are kind of his favorite thing ever (future engineer?) so he was thrilled to be given the job of rule reader. The kids were able to play almost completely without supervision. I say almost because my three year old does like to throw the rules out the window sometimes and play pretend instead with the game pieces. Luckily MM was feeling particularly patient. By the time the game was over, lunch was ready! Not a bad morning activity!

I continue to be extremely impressed with Kiwi Crate. For those mommas and poppas who love to do fun activities with their kids but don’t love looking up projects and finding all the materials, Kiwi Crate takes all the guess work out of the equation and provides fantastic projects with great materials, many of which you will be able to use again for future projects. At just $19.99 a month, this subscription program has been worth every penny!


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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