Free Printable Number Tracing Cards from Modern Parents, Messy Kids

It seems I have a preschooler at home with me again. I mean, obviously I knew that already, but sometimes I forget that all the ABC’s and 123’s and learning to read and write and recognize shapes will need to be taught all over again because apparently kids don’t learn everything through osmosis.

BB and I have been slowly picking up new activities with an educational slant to them. We subscribe to Kiwi Crate and I scourge the Target dollar bins for deals on little educational books and toys (they have seriously great stuff over there). We DVR some of the more educational kids’ shows on television and sing the ABC’s. I download apps and sometimes remember to let her touch my phone for a few minutes and play with them.

Another great source for learning materials is, of course, the internet. There are all sorts of amazing printables online and a lot of them are free. I found this awesome numbers printable at Modern Parents Messy Kids designed by Kaley.

These printable number cards are seriously cute and clever. Offering multiple places to practice tracing the numbers with a little rhyme to help your kids remember how to write each number like “Half a heart will never do. Slide to the right to make a two.” On the flip side is a place to help your littles really understand numbers by using physical objects in your home. Kaley writes:

“Many people mistakenly assume that because their child can count to 10 or 20 or 100, that they understand what the numbers mean. In actuality, they may have memorized the order of the numbers but not grasp that the number actually represents a quantity. You can practice this important skill using simple manipulatives. We count out loud as we place a manipulative on each of the dots.”

I printed out the first 5 cards to use with my daughter this morning after our plans for the day were unexpectedly cancelled. I used the cool paper flippy double sided printing option on our laser printer for the first time and 5 sheets of paper later I sat down with BB who had gathered 5 wooden blocks per my instructions. We then practiced tracing and counting the numbers one through five.

These were just challenging enough to be educational but easy enough that she never got frustrated. She understands the concept of tracing and recognizes her numbers but definitely needs help practicing her hand coordination to actually write the numbers herself. This was an excellent way for her to practice. We are looking forward to writing the numbers six through ten soon!


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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