My Thoughts On Idol’s Top 40

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I just finished watching last night’s American Idol which revealed this season’s Top 40 contestants who will be heading to Vegas next week. I thought there was a lot of potential talent and also a lot of crazy’s. I’m not going to name names, but I sometimes wonder about the people who have managed to make it THIS far into the competition. Are the producers just trying to keep a less than healthy level of drama in the show for the sake of ratings? Maybe they didn’t think that the Nikki and Mariah of it all was enough? Seriously guys, it’s enough. You don’t need the Crazies, really.

Anyway for me there were four really stand out performers that got enough air time during Hollywood Week for me to notice them. The first was Angela Miller, obviously, since she made it to the top of this post. I thought her last performance in Hollywood week was just amazingly good. Besides being a really good original number which is basically unheard of, her vocals were top notch. She is the difference between amazing and good – between star and singer. I hope she continues to go far in this season’s competition because I think she’s incredible and also it really does need to be a girl’s turn this season – the boys have been dominating for a really long time now. I am of course Phillip Phillip’s biggest fan and really loved Scotty McCreary, too, but I think Idol could use some girl power in a major way.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

My other favorite of the females was Melinda Ademi. I thought she was fantasic as well and really enjoyed her up tempo performance at the end of Hollywood week. Price Tag by Jessie J is a really fun song and she did a great job with it. To be fair – both of these girls got a healthy amount of air time and praise from the judges so my opinions here might be a little No Sh** Sherlock. I also really enjoyed Candace Glover, Janelle Arthur, Juliana Chahayed and Kree Harrison and probably others that I’ve forgotten or that simply didn’t get much air time.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Gurpreet Singh Sarin caught my attention early on in one of the few auditions that I watched. He has such a gorgeous voice and he is also very likeable. He has done really well in all of his Hollywood Week performances and I can see him going really far in this competition. He did a really beautiful rendition of Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles, though honestly that song is just so beautiful that a lot of people have done really well with it, so you know, smart song choices and all.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

So I’m a little on the fence about my other fave of the boys, Lazaro Arbos. There is no denying his amazing talent. His voice is just beautiful – and being able to see someone overcome a stuttering problem like that through music is amazing but how GOOD he is is when he does sing is even more amazing. He has blown me away each time I’ve heard him sing and I think a lot of people underestimate him. But. I worry that he will struggle with this competition and I’m not sure how far he’ll go. I guess that remains to be seen. Other boys that caught my attention were Josh Holiday, Paul Jolley, Nick Boddington and Jimmy Smith.

Anyone else tuning into Idol these days? Who are your favorites? Who do you love, who do you hate?


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