My Valentines: In Television and In Reality

I read this fun post at EW’s Pop Watch and thought it would be fun to share my fictional Valentines, or rather, my celeb crushes of the moment.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Richard Castle has been one of my favorite characters on television for years now and honestly Nathan Fillion has been a fave of mine even before Castle. I love his goofy childlike joy over light sabers and other techy nerdy fandoms, his witty remarks and his overall love of life and his loyalty to those he cares about. I think any girl would be lucky to have a Castle in her life.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Joshua Jackson aka Pacey aka Peter Bishop – I have loved him since I was a teenager and he continues to impress. Peter Bishop is another fiercely loyal love – he’ll travel through time and dimensions in space to save the ones he loves and though he messes up from time to time and is prone to brooding, he always manages to save the day.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Everyone has Their Doctor and though I go back and forth a bit on whether #9 or #10 is my fave, today it seems quite clear that David Tennant aka The Doctor is the Doctor for me. His powers of Brooding and his ability to pair a suit with tennis shoes and say things like Wibbley Wobbly Timey Wimey and make it sound adorable and clever. Also, I mean, come on – he has a Tardis.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Nick Miller, played by Jake Johnson, is a newer celeb crush and perhaps the strangest. He lacks career ambition and general hygiene skills most days but his Grumpy Old Man tendencies are actually kind of adorable and anyone who saw The Kiss and didn’t swoon is clearly a robot in my opinion. There is just something about Nick Miller…

Lastly, I thought I’d get all girly and adorable and talk about my actual valentine – the love of my life, my hubby Dan. He actually has a lot in common with all of the guys featured in this post.

He’s witty and adorable like Richard Castle with a love for gadgets and gizmos and would probably love a light saber for Valentines Day but would know exactly the right present to actually get me. Dan knows me better than I know myself and like Castle and Beckett we met while working together.

Like Peter Bishop, Dan is the Fiercely Loyal type. Though he doesn’t spend his days solving Fringe events and over throwing the Observers, he is a Tech Genius like Peter Bishop and also, they sport similar facial hair. They are also both amazing fathers.

Dan and David Tennant aka The Doctor both have their own Tardis. Dan’s is a keychain in his truck (okay and there’s the levitating one in our kitchen… also he has a sonic screwdriver at work….) and The Doctor’s can travel through time and space, but both are pretty awesome in my opinion. They also both excel at Business Casual and are both generally right about everything. The Doctor and my husband are both generally going to be the smartest person in the room in any given situation, though nobody has yet asked my husband to save England, I’m sure it will happen eventually.

My husband and Nick Miller are both destined to be grumpy old men. I can picture either yelling at kids to get off their lawn. They are also both goofy, sweet and kids at heart which is a weird combination to be both old men and young kids at the same time but both make it work really well. And again, there’s the facial hair. Also like Nick and Jess, Dan and I spent a long time both liking each other but being too chicken to do anything about it for a really long time. Probably when we finally kissed, people everywhere rejoiced and said it’s about time and made cute mashup names for us and watched the kiss over and over on youtube except I hope that last part didn’t happen because that would be creepy.

Anyway, Happy Valentines day to my fictional Valentines and my actual Valentine and  to all my lovely readers! Tell me, who would your fictional valentines be? Tell me all about them in the comments section!


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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