Momma Wants: A Little Black Dress

So awhile back I won a giveaway for $50 towards a dress at Shabby Apple at a giveaway at Really, Are You Serious. I love their gorgeous looks and have heard such good things about their customer service department so I was pretty excited to finally buy a dress from them.

I knew my goal right off the bat: The LBD. I don’t have one and I’m pretty sure that’s a criminal offense. I spent a lot of time browsing their dresses and eventually ordered this:

The Lindy Hop

Now I am a pear shape and a tad over weight. Shopping for dresses is always challenging for me because my upper half needs one size and my lower half needs another. Empire waists are my BFF. I decided to proceed with caution and ordered up a size to make sure momma’s bodacious hips could fit in this thing. Well it appears I over compensated and I received a very large black potato sack in the mail. Okay, I’m being mean – on the right sized woman, it probably looks awesome but on me it looked really sad or maybe like I just lost a ton of weight but was in denial which would be swell. Except I haven’t.

The problem is, I have no idea what size I really need. I am leaning towards one size but wondering if I should play it safe and go with a size slightly bigger but still smaller than what I originally ordered and also contemplating a different dress altogether and really not wanting to return another dress so I smartly emailed the customer service department at Shabby Apple who asked for my measurements (which I’m not sharing with you because I’m a private person (read: self conscious).

Here are a few of the other dresses I’m considering:

The Jitterbug

The V.P.


And this is where you say, “Jen, those all look like the same dress.” Shut up, I know. But there are subtle differences between the three like shade of color, neckline and price. I’ve been flipping between all these dresses for so long my eyes are starting to cross and all the while wondering if I should just get this and call it a day:

The Petite Ming

It’s super cute and my daughter would look adorable but this is just feeding into the problem that instead of finding myself an amazing dress I just keep buying things for my three year old because it’s easier. And then I still don’t own an LBD.

It has been brought to my attention that these dresses might be considered form fitting and thus might make me feel uncomfortable and awkward. I’ll admit the fear that I might knock over a table with my hips in one of these dresses has not escaped my obsessive thoughts but flipping through pictures of each dress they all seem to have that nice A line skirt and all claim to fit generously (the dress I just returned definitely fit generously!) so all of them still seem like contenders to me (though the V.P. might not have a dress small enough for me right now).

Anyway, I’m still waiting to hear back from Shabby Apple with their recommendations so this whole Search for the LBD is at the moment unfinished. I remain hopeful that I will find that dress that fits like a glove and makes me feel like Super Woman. Wish me luck!

To be continued…


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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