bargain love: CBTL Single Serve Beverage System

CBTL coffee maker & assorted goodies from Bed Bath & Beyond

This story actually begins back in December when our Satellite dish lost it’s signal during a big snow storm right before Christmas. We thought we’d gotten all of our coverage back but noticed that the Doctor Who Christmas Special didn’t record and come to find out BBC America still had no signal coming in. We called the company and they offered to send a guy out to clean off the dish on our roof for $15 …. in about 2 weeks. I was a little incredulous about this and when we saw an ad later that day for AT&T U-Verse offering us a pretty good bundle deal I looked into it and they offered to come out and install about two days later. AND they were offering a $200 rewards card as part of the deal. Um, sold?

So this week our rebate card came in the mail and I knew exactly what I wanted to spend it on. We’ve been looking into this whole single pod coffee maker phenomenon for a couple of years now and I was intrigued but only if I could find a brewer that would make coffee, tea AND espresso. Kind of a tall order because it requires a coffee maker that has a twin pressure system: 15 bar pressure for espresso, 3.5 bar pressure for coffee and tea. There area few coffee makers on the market that claim to do this but the one with by far the best reviews and for a reasonable price was the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® CBTL™ Single Serve Beverage Machine.

I got the Americano model mostly because it offered the widest variety of cup sizes and because they were running a great deal on it at Bed, Bath & Beyond this week. It retails at $149.99 pretty much everywhere right now but BB&B was offering a $50 mail in rebate PLUS five boxes of coffee, tea or their drink powders for free, in store. With my rewards card from AT&T I was able to get all of that plus a little coffee pod drawer that can go right underneath the coffee maker. I had a little money left over and ran to Target afterwards and bought a book for myself and one for BB also because she’d been so patient with mommy’s shopping spree.

For all of this, I spent nothing because of the rewards card and I got a $50 mail in rebate from BB&B. So I sort of just got paid to buy myself a coffee maker that I’ve been drooling over for awhile now.

Bed Bath & Beyond has a pretty extensive assortment of the CBTL pods but you can also buy them at Target or online at Amazon or the CBTL website. The best bulk deals are for sure on Amazon where you can get three 10 count boxes for $20. I’ll post a review of the CBTL single serve beverage system soon, after I’ve had a chance to really take it for a test spin but for now I just wanted to share with you the story of my amazing bargain.

Bed Bath & Beyond had quite a few of the CBTL systems in stock when I went in this morning and the rebate offer is still running so if anyone’s had their eye on this coffee maker, now is an excellent time to pick one up!


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