Music Love: Darlin’ by Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca LoebeSo way back when, in my college days, I met this amazing musician named Rebecca Loebe. I got to interview her as part of a Coffee Shop Concert Series that my school was putting on. Some of the bands I met that year were amazing, some just alright. She was the best musician that played there. Seriously.

Her voice blew my mind pretty much immediately and, in case that wasn’t enough, she was sweet, smart, funny, friendly and easy to relate to also. Almost ten years later and I am still listening to her music. This summer I got to hear her live again when she came all the way out to the Midwest to perform in my new hometown during one of her infamous tours and I was re-reminded of how amazing she is, as if I needed a reminder.

Some of you might have heard Rebecca Loebe when she appeared as a contestant on The Voice. Maybe you picked up on the fact that she is incredible. Maybe you even irrationally boycotted The Voice when she was voted off (just me?). Maybe you’ve even seen her perform live yourself – she tours all over the country, constantly trying to visit places she’s never been before.

But if you haven’t heard her before, I really must insist that you listen to that video up at the top of this post and if you like what you hear, head to her website, like her on Facebook and consider buying some of her CD’s and supporting an amazing artist who has been making a career for herself for years by making music, compiling CDs and performing live as often as possible.

Rebecca writes on her website that she recalls, “When I went to the first Voice audition in Austin, I remember standing in front of the casting directors and describing my lifestyle to them; they were so shocked to hear that I make a living performing songs I write at gigs that I book, drive myself to and perform on my own.  I was equally shocked that those professionals seemed unaware that there are thousands of people making a living this way!  I went home and started to write a song for them, a little fable about who I am and what I do. The first line: ‘I have traveled many fathoms, lived inside a covered wagon, sold my secrets wholesale every night’, came directly from that experience.”

Okay, I’ll stop gushing now – but really, if you haven’t heard her yet, you are in for a treat! And she did not ask me to tell you any of this btw. Like all of my reviews here, I am just telling you my honest, unsolicited opinion about something (or in this case someone) that I love, that you need to know about!


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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