Favorite Christmas Gifts (Our Family’s Top Picks)

It’s been a few weeks since Christmas and I thought I’d share with you some of our favorite gifts that we received this year.

Momma’s Favorite Gifts

A Baby Blues 365 calendar (in addition to a year of my favorite comics, it also has little trivia facts and puzzles on the back of each page), wonderful new books to read (I picked up even more not pictured with Christmas and birthday money), a macro filter for my Nikon (similar to a macro lens but much cheaper, I’m still getting the hang of using it, but I love a good photography challenge) and Marzipan fruit candies which my husband ordered for me online when he couldn’t find them locally.

Not pictured but deserving a mention: I used most of my Christmas money buying two new pairs of pants from Dressbarn and also a fantastic pair of slippers. Their Westport denim line fit me perfectly, keep their shape for days and don’t cost a fortune. I’ve been loving a pair in a dark wash for months now and decided to pick up a lighter wash and a pair of brown trousers in the same brand. While I was there I spotted these slippers (in black) on sale for $9.99 and had to grab them. They are super comfortable and keep my feet warm on cold winter days. ❤

DH’s favorite Christmas gifts

I found this burr style coffee grinder for just $20 at a store called Tuesday Morning that has amazing deals. We’ve been looking for a good coffee grinder (burr style is essential for us espresso snobs) for awhile but were unwilling to shell out the big bucks. So far this Black & Decker model has treated us very well, though some reviews on Amazon have me leery about how long it will last, we have been in coffee nirvana since Christmas morning.

Not pictured: I don’t even have to ask my husband to know that the PS3 we picked up in December has probably been his favorite gift this year. It was a purchase we made together outside of the holidays technically but it’s been getting a lot of use as both a gaming system (the whole family is obsessed with Little Big Planet) and a blu-ray player and Netflix Instant watching device. We had purchased a pretty inexpensive bluray player last year and were more and more unhappy with it. It was slow to respond, clunky when loading and had a horrible remote control. The bluray player on the PS3 is pretty much the opposite of that and I’m so glad we convinced ourselves to buy it.

I also got my husband a few goodies on ThinkGeek.com that he has been loving like this Time Lords t-shirt and an Aperture Science Pint Glass.

BB’s Favorite Christmas Gifts

The kids were only mildly spoiled rotten this year! BB (my three year old daughter) got some really cute stuff like these matching tutus from grammy for her American Girl Bitsy Baby and herself. Dress up gowns were a big hit in general this year as well as anything for her baby like the trundle beds for her dolls and the adorable shopping cart I picked up for her at Costco. I can’t find it on their website anymore but it was this shopping cart for $20.

Other favorite gifts included these flash cards by DK, Pride & Prejudice – board book edition and a new set of duplo blocks so she can keep up with her always building something big brother.

MM’s Favorite Christmas Gifts

I think both of my kids would agree that having their grammy, papa and aunt and uncle come visit for the holidays was probably the best Christmas gift of all this year. A close second for MM would be this amazing Ninja Turtles hat that she found for him. She does a lot of her own knitwear and loves to gift her creations but when she saw this in a store she knew she had to buy it for MM. I’m not sure if she knows about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot on tv that all the boys MM’s age are infatuated with, but this was a very timely gift and he’s been wearing it everywhere.

MM also got a toy airport set from Santa (as requested), a cool 3D drawing pad (another ThinkGeek find), activity books, a little gardening kit, some new games, chapter books, a Cat in the Hat card game (super cute and fun for both kids), a k’nex set and an erector set and more.

Another favorite not photographed is a copy of Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends. A nice compromise between Early Reader books and chapter books. The words are a bit more challenging but there are plenty of pictures and it’s all silly and fun. He has been reading it every night.

What were some of your favorite Christmas gifts this year?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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