momma loves: soup, sales & super awesome giveaways

  1. I made this slow cooker potato soup recipe from Mama Loves Food last night and it came out really good. I had to halve her recipe because I can’t actually fit 5 pounds of russet potatoes into my slow cooker (which I’d never considered small until yesterday) but I still got a ton of soup out of the deal and my husband may have raved a tiny bit. Very easy to throw together and because my slow cooker is possessed it also cooked up in about 4 hours on high. Normal slow cookers probably cook slower but I’m inclined to not complain because it meant I got dinner on the table at a reasonable hour. Love that.
  2. My husband just approved an early birthday present (I turn the big 3-0 next month, it’s kind of a big deal) when I excitedly blabbered to him this morning something like “OMG Lands End … having… major sale – coat was $180, now it’s $90… and… offering another 30% off… FREE SHIPPING… Coat comes to my knees, WARM, gahhhhh….” Which in calm & collected Jen voice would simply sound like, “Lands End is having some kind of an amazing sale right now and their Cire Down Coat is on sale for $66 with free shipping, tax included. That is a land slide of a savings off the original price of $180.”
  3.  Speaking of super awesome giveaways (we were already moving on to the last item on my incredibly literal post title, right?) – Kiwi Crate is running a pretty spiffy giveaway on their Facebook & Pinterest pages. Use Pinterest to create a board with the words “wish list” in the title, like “this is my kid’s wish list” or whatever and then pin all the things your kiddos want for the Holidays. Include at least one thing from Kiwi Crate in your wish list and then head to their Facebook page and submit the URL to your board on their Contest Tab to win $250 to go towards your holiday shopping. Kind of amazing, I know. And fun – who doesn’t love building wish lists and pinning things with abandon?

What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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