x-factor: my thoughts on the Top 16

I’m a little behind on my DVR watching as my dad was in town visiting last week and I opted to ignore television for awhile so I could spend some quality time with him (crazy, I know). But I just watched last week’s X-Factor Top 16 perform and thought I’d give my comments on the night! I had a fun time blogging about last season’s American Idol so I think I’ll try to do the same for X-Factor this season.

The Groups


I was a bit surprised by the groups that I liked and didn’t like this week – some of my favorites from the previous weeks I thought really dropped the ball. Except where the Group rounds were concerned. Here my current favorites really impressed, especially Emblem 3 and Lyric 145. I thought Emblem 3 was better than ever, the song really resonated and I find them very likeable and even better, REAL. I think Simon was absolutely right in predicting that this group will go far – they are very on trend in a good way. I thought Lyric 145 was a bit outdated but very entertaining and they knew how to keep the spot light and own the stage.

I found Sisters C (who I see were eliminated on Thursday, I missed that episode unfortunately) to be pretty much the same as every other week. Good singers but unrelateable. However, this could be entirely the fault of the show’s producers as they really are given the job of showing us how relateable each performer and group are. The Cowell-formed girl group, 1432 I think did a really great job with their Taylor Swift cover and I’m glad they made it through to the next round, though I agree with Demi Lovato that there was one clear stand out performer.

Over 25s

Tate Stevens

I thought Tate Stevens and David Corey absolutely slayed it last week. Tate has been a consistent favorite for me from the beginning, his voice is just perfection. I am not a country music fan, but he makes me root for him and his performances are flawless. I was surprised to see David Corey was sent home. I wonder if the judges are perhaps sabatoging the strongest performances because I thought he was VERY good, if a bit rushed and over excited. I noticed some of my favorite performances got the most negative feedback – from the other judges of course.

I like Jason Brock but his performance really was as bad as Simon Cowell said. His song choice did not show off his vocal abilities at all, but rather made them seem flawed and forced and the whole thing was a bit much. I think Vino Alan was also given a terrible song – he just sounded strained and odd, like a fish out of water. His voice is very different from the other contestants and song choice is going to be very important for him going forward.

The Teens

Carly Rose Sonenclar

It’s no surprise that most of the Teen performances were the shakiest and greenest of the bunch, given that most of them probably have the least experience. I found most of their performances the most disappointing. Arin Ray looked absolutely lost in the woods, his vocals didn’t stand out at all – and Beatrice Miller would have done better with a different song and I think even she knows it! Still, I will continue to root for her, as I think she’s very talented.

I was shocked to see Diamond White go home. That girl is a star – was her wardrobe and song choice working for her? Not quite, but she was one of my long time favorites and I can’t believe she was sent home. Carly Rose’s performance was one of HER weakest, but still one of the best of the night and that’s saying something. I think Brittany’s wardrobe choice for her was odd and a bit self serving – Carly’s vocals are strong enough to do without gimmicks.

Young Adults

Jennel Garcia

Demi was all about the makeovers for her Young Adult mentees, some more successful than others. I didn’t care for Jennel Garcia’s dye job or bangs at all, but her performance was great. She still needs to find her own self confidence because she’s very talented all on her own, no makeovers needed. I also thought Willie Jones did a really good job with his performance, a fresh combination of country with a youthful kind of R&B vibe without being weird. I liked the swagger and was surprised to see he, too, was eliminated. Strange choices judges!

CeCe Frey can take off her leapord spots and bleach her hair, but I don’t buy the sudden personality change. It feels blatantly like a desperate attempt to win votes. She’s still hiding her true personality whether it’s a bitchy one or not, anyone’s to guess. Paige Thomas is killing me because I want to love her and jump on her band wagon but the vocals haven’t been strong for awhile now. She has the look and the potential for the swagger, but I think her nerves have been getting the better of her for awhile now. I am hoping for a comeback.

Have you been watching this season’s X-Factor? Who do you love? Who do you hate?


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