project runway: thoughts on the final 4 & fashion week

Who’s excited about Fashion Week on Project Runway? I just finished watching this week’s episode of Part 1 of the Finale and I am really looking forward to seeing how the Final Four designers polish their 10 piece collection to present at Fashion Week & find out who will be the winner of Season 10. Some of my favorites from this season have made it to the Finale and all four have interesting collections. For some I mean that as a compliment, for others… Here’s how I *really* feel!

I have to say of all of the collections we previewed this week, Melissa’s was my favorite. She is one of my favorite designers from this season and though the judges might have criticized her for playing it too safe with the looks she presented, her designs are the ones I’d be most likely to wear or at least really want to wear! I love her draping and shapes – the looks are elegant even when they are edgy and she creates looks that are actually marketable to normal people and not just A list celebrities or the alien cowboy geisha set.

Melissa’s biggest challenge will be overcoming her own lack of confidence. She makes beautiful clothes but she gets very emotional and filled with self doubt when she starts to compare herself to her competition and then she seems to get very, very lost. I’m not sure why she didn’t show the judges her gown as one of her Top 3 looks (not that any of the other designers did either) and I almost wonder if she’s instinctively trying to sabotage herself. If she can overcome that fear and put her full confidence into her collection, I think she could win.

I was very intrigued by Christopher’s concept of turning an x-ray into fabric. Yes, it’s a bit dark conceptually but the end result was very cool. Christopher is definitely a fashion visionary and not just a clothing designer. He has a real sense of concept and vision and likes to take things to a new level, but still manages to make his looks chic and well cut and expensive looking.

That said, his attitude when things don’t go his way has always bothered me and I worry that he’ll get lost in a Diva moment next week and that it might prevent him from taking his collection where it could go. I’m still blown away by his New York City skyline Rockette’s dress that he made a few weeks ago and frankly the memory of that design alone keeps me rooting for him.

Up until today I would have told you that Dmitry was my favorite designer this season and that I fully expected him to win. I have loved so many of his outfits and consider his sewing, tailoring and styling skills to be excellent. He’s very minimalist typically and I love that about him – but the looks he showed this week were very overworked, not as well fitted as they normally have been in the past and yes, I agree with the judges, a bit dowdy. I was very surprised.

That said, a lot of his pieces are amazing and maybe if he seriously rehauls his styling and makes some major edits, he’ll have something to win the competition with. For me, based on the season as a whole, he and Melissa are the two I am most rooting for, but I’m worried about what his final collection is going to end up looking like. Too many of those sheer blouses over black bras and bedazzled everythings and he is going to have a pretty rough time of it!

So this leaves Fabio. And no I did not save the best for last. I saved the most baffling – the collection that I’m still scratching my head over, wondering why Tim Gunn was so excited about it – why the judges were applauding his concept and vision.

Because all I saw were a lot of weird wigs and dresses that were less flattering than a sack of potatoes. The judges told him to work on making the collection look more expensive and I’d add flattering to that list – draped in a way that makes a woman’s body look appealing and not like she covered herself in old, soiled hospital bed sheets in an effort to escape the psychiatric ward (unsuccessfully). The shoes were as atrocious as Tim Gunn emplied, even after the weird paint job and even if his outfits were the only pops of color in the whole show, they were the wrong colors – blah, muted, dingy looking colors that happen when you have a laundry mishap.

Wow and I’d planned to be nice when I started writing that paragraph! Sorry, Fabio, but I honestly cannot wrap my head around this one. Maybe he’ll surprise me in his final edits but I’m not holding my breath. At. All.

So who are you rooting for from the Final Four heading to Fashion Week? Who did you love and who did you hate and did you hate anyone more than me? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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