My Happy List: 5 Things I’m Loving on Friday

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It’s been a tough week, blogiverse. Nothing terribly gut wrenching, just a bleh common cold, rainy weather, shorter tempers kind of week. I thought in the spirit of positive thinking, I’d take a moment to talk about some of the positive stuff in my life. On Facebook yesterday I did a bit of this – talking about how grateful I am for good kids, a loving husband and amazing friends. But I thought I’d take this moment for a fun bit of frivolity – 5 things I am loving that are not necessary to my existence, but make it pretty darn good!

  1. I recently discovered a new kind of latte, called a latte miel and guys, my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s not a complicated recipe – a basic latte with cinnamon and honey – but the combination is perfection. Sometimes simple just tastes so right, you know? I’ve been raving about it to my friends and family and sometimes whispering sweet nothings into my coffee mug after ordering one. Now I’m standing up on the rooftops of the blogiverse to declare that I love latte miels! Try one if you haven’t discovered them already! According to one of my favorite baristas they are not only her favorite drink to devour, but also her favorite to prepare because 1) they smell amazing and 2) the combination of cinnamon and honey seem to make them easier to hold a pretty design like the one pictured above. Bonus!
  2. We just got our first box from KiwiCrate and I’m very excited to do each of the projects with my daughter. This month’s theme is Farmer’s Market and the projects all look very cute and fun – I think she’ll love them. Might have to visit our local farmer’s market soon to tie it all together for her!
  3. My son heard Matt Smith make the Tardis sound on a rerun episode of Dr Who the other day (a scene which will be cracking up my husband and I basically forever) and has been imitating it ever since. It never ceases to make me laugh and I love that we’ve gotten our 6 year old just as hooked on Dr Who as we are! (I included a youtube clip of the scene I’m talking about at the bottom of this post because it’s hysterical)
  4. I had an awesome shopping trip at H&M last weekend – I spent $30 and got two dresses for my daughter and a pair of legwarmers ; and a shirt and pair of pants for my 6 year old. Not bad! My favorite of the loot was this cute blue & white striped dress for $10. I know I’m more than a little bit obsessed with this whole blue & white striped sailor look but it doesn’t help that it looks great on me and the kids. Timeless, chic, perfection.
  5. I read this amazing blog post yesterday at Finding Joy. Sometimes you read something at exactly the right time and this was one of those times for me – it’s a must read for all mothers, especially if you are feeling lately like you are a failure and / or not doing good enough. And let’s face it mommas, don’t we kind of always feel that way? I hope it hits home for you the way it did for me.

Have a great weekend!!


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