Peek – a – boo : fall palette found at the zoo.

Peek - a - boo : fall palette found at the zoo. on 365 Project

I saw this technique for making a color palette of your pictures on 365 today and had to try it out, using a picture I took of BB at the zoo this morning. It was admittedly not a very colorful picture but it was the cutest shot I got today with The Little Miss running to and forth and the light very much playing against me as we walked from lions to otters to prairie dogs.

The link above will tell you how to make a palette picture of your own using templates on Photoshop. I’m all stingy and cheap and using Linux and thus do not have Photoshop but I was able to make this myself in Gimp using layers and the little eye droplet tool. If I were better at using Gimp, I would have lined up my palettes better, but I think it still came out pretty good. I’ll try it again when I’ve taken a better picture (and by better I just mean more vibrant, interesting colors and better lighting – it’s a great shot of BB and way better than the pixelated washed out shots of black swans and giraffes I took).

All in all, I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to do this on my own, no templates or pricey image editing software required. Speaking of which (sort of) I just switched to a new OS called Mint and while I’m loving it, I cannot get Picasa to download, probably because Google completely dropped support for Picasa on Linux, but either way, I’m kind of bummed because I loved Picasa a lot both as an image editor and picture organizer and web album storage.

I know there are a lot of online photo editing options, but I was pretty happy doing it on my computer and liked being able to organize and edit all at once, rather than opening up each picture in Gimp. At the moment I’m trying out a Linux program called Shotwell which is pretty good but I’m not convinced it will be a permanent solution for me. Any Linux users out there have a better suggestion?


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