Momma Loves: Top Model & Project Runway

Two of my guilty pleasure shows are America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway. I watch them in the afternoons while my three year old is napping, because my husband wouldn’t watch them if I paid him. I’m not sure I classify as a reality show junkie but I do love a lot of the shows centered around a type of career that interests me – cooking shows like Cupcake Wars or Next Food Network Star, music competitions like American Idol and fashion shows like Top Model and Project Runway – all give me a little inside peek into the industry and it’s fun to sit on my couch and soak it all in from home – to pick favorites and see how your opinions of a photo shoot, cupcake or musical performance compare to the show’s judges.

I’ve been taking notes on the past few episodes of both Project Runway and Top Model and I thought I’d take a minute to dish on my favorite and least favorite contestants on both shows. I’d love to hear about your opinions on the show in the comments section below!

antm-college-editionTop Model: College Edition

I am enjoying the new fan grading implementation of Top Model. I’d like to think it might prevent some of the Queen B’s from sticking around as long if we fans have a chance to knock them off their high horses and the idea that all their performances will be graded and added together I think is a fun idea.

There are a lot of beautiful girls this cycle with a lot of potential and a few people I’m rather indifferent to.

My favorites: 

  • Yvonne did an awesome job on last week’s cat walk challenge, but her photo shoot was only okay for me. There were worse photos for sure, but I think she’s got a lot of room to grow.
  • Laura – the lighting on her photo was just stunning, she did a great job and had my favorite photo of the day.
  • Leila is sweet and quirky and photographs well. The judges liked her picture more than I did (she won top photo), but I didn’t dislike it at all. I think she’ll do well.
  • Victoria I am very much on the fence about. She seems sweet and has a unique look and seems to be very familiar with the industry, but she also seems a bit volatile and frankly odd. I worry that her dependence on her mother is going to make it hard for her to remain in the competition with any sense of composure and she’s made a few comments that took me by surprise… But I like her in spite of myself.

Least Favorites:

  • Kiara is frightening to me. She seems like a smart, strong woman but clearly has a chip on her shoulder. I hope she’ll allow herself to soften and enjoy her time on the show instead of constantly being on the defensive. Her picture was fine but not good enough to make up for the attitude.
  • Jessie is so fun and quirky and I love her look but her picture and cat walk made it obvious that she’s too green for the show. I hope she’ll stick with modeling – with some practice she could go far.
  • Maria seems so smart and she’s a beauty, but she’s too defensive – her reactions in paneling were uncalled for i.m.o. and it left a bad taste in my mouth where she’s concerned.
  • Destiny is someone I want to like, her story is inspirational and she’s beautiful, but like Jessie she seems a little too green to me compared to the others and I’m not sure she’s ready for this.

Tim & HeidiAnd then there’s Project Runway…

The sheer amount of drama on this show nearly rivals Hollywood Week on American Idol, except it lasts for the entire season. I should expect it and see it coming, but it surprises me each year. Something about being a fashion designer seems to involve having insane amounts of ego, drama and lack of social graces. But then Runway day arrives and I get to see all those pretty outfits (and a few fantastically terrible ones too) and somehow it’s all worth it in the end.

Favorite Designers at the Mo’

  • Dmitry for me is my underdog, he never seems to get the winning look but I always love his work – clean, well sewn and subtle pieces that I’d love to own. Maybe the subtlety is what’s keeping him from the #1 spot but I love him. His dress in the Oh My Lord and Taylor episode last week took my breath away.
  • Sonjia also seems like a pretty solid designer but I’m not sure she knows it yet. On the one hand, it’s nice that she’s not overburdened with ego, but on the other hand, maybe she could use a bit more.
  • Christopher’s dress last week was absolutely stunning, but I’m honestly a little tired of ball gowns. They are beautiful and fun to drool over, but how many women get to wear ball gowns all the time

Least Favorites:

  • Gunnar drives me up the wall with his ego. The judges often seem to love him and I often disagree. I think a lot of his looks are just too much, yet somehow he remains a judge favorite and he knows it.
  • Ven started off the show a favorite for me, but his lack of social graces have kind of ruined the appeal. His behavior in the Fix My Friend episode was bordering on unacceptable and I was really hoping he’d go home.
  • Elena is both a high maintenance drama queen and a very odd designer. The gigantic shoulder thing really just has to stop. It’s like she’s stuck in the 80’s but even worse than that. I’m cool with not wanting to be cookie cutter but a little goes a long way in the world of fashion.

How bout you? Who are you loving / loathing? What’s your favorite reality show?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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