video love: the parent rap

The hot thing in the parent blogging universe right now seems to be awesome rap videos about mad parenting skillz. I have seen a lot of great ones, starting with the Swagger Wagon Toyota video which my husband and I still quote often when we need a laugh. Daddy Skills is another video quickly gaining popularity and now just this morning I discovered The Parent Rap (above) via the terrifically funny Mommy Shorts (if you don’t know her yet, seriously, get on that) – all three of these videos are seriously well made, hysterical and maybe even poignant.

If you find yourself head bopping along and maybe dancing in your swivel chair while the kiddos are building blanket forts in the next room… yeah you’re not alone. To all the mommas and poppas out there who could use a high five for preventing the day’s latest sibling squall, know that you make the best peanut butter & jelly in the universe and can potty train like an absolute champion – this song is for you!


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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