link love: august 24th

I thought I’d share with you some amazing posts that I’ve read and loved this week – ranging from funny to inspiring to educational, there’s a little bit of everything for your reading pleasure:

  • Want to buy a cottage in France? Who doesn’t?! Design Mom gives all the details on a beautiful cottage for sale right now in France and her photographs of the cottage are truly drool worthy. Her posts about life overseas frequently make me want to fly across the pond. This one makes me want to sign a mortgage.
  • Have you had the talk with your kids about Strangers? Pattie Fitzgerald from Safely Ever After has a lot of terrific information for talking to your kids about strangers and “tricky people” – I loved this list of 10 rules you and your kids should learn to play it safe.
  • Here’s a great post at the New York Times about why it’s so hard to make friends in your 30’s. I found a lot of things in the article that resonated with me, especially after moving halfway across the country and having to essentially start over and make all new friends here. Have you had a harder time making new friends as you get older?
  • Have you seen the pin about sticking headphones up your nose, opening your mouth and supposedly hearing music come out of your mouth like a speaker? The hilarious Pintester tried out this gross trick and video blogged the results.

In closing, here is a cute picture of my kids from a trip to the zoo on Monday:
more: We're going on a bear hunt... on 365 Project


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