app-tastic: new apps you’ll love

samsung galaxy S2

Smart phones are some kind of amazing and I love how my phone serves as so many handy tools. I never leave home without it – besides keeping me connected to friends, family and the internet it’s also my point & shoot camera, my camcorder, grocery list, hand held video game player, calorie counter, MP3 player and so much more. Here are some cool apps I’ve discovered recently that I think you guys will love, too! All four apps are free, some with the option to upgrade to a paid version.

WebMD Baby – Being a new parent comes with a lot of questions and second guessing – WebMD has always been a great way to find medical information fast and now they’ve taken that ease of use one step further with a mobile app tailored just for new parents. Sign up for the free app, create an account and then create profiles for your kiddos. WebMD will tailor their information to your child’s age and stage as well as providing general information for all parents. What to do if your child breaks their arm? Has a fever? Breastfeeding problems? It’s all there in a well designed, super cute app. You can even make a little mobile baby book, track sleeping and eating patterns, growth development and more. Not bad for a free app!

SongPop I have an obsession with games that call upon my vast oceans of useless knowledge. Making me feel like an absolute genius for being able to recognize a song or musician from the first 1.4 seconds of the song? I’m a fan. SongPop is a fun app and facebook game that lets you challenge your friends to a game of “Name That Song” or challenge a random user if your friends aren’t game. There is very little “bug your friends in order to do this next step” which I love. It’s a very straight forward and addictive game and best of all, free, though there is a paid upgrade available for $1.99.

Food Planner What’s for dinner? If that question gives you hives on a nightly basis, I strongly recommend having a weekly or monthly meal plan. Even if you already do this, maybe you are looking for a new or faster way of organizing your meal plan. I just discovered this app and love having my meal plan with me on the go. It also has the ability to create your grocery list right from the same app and even keep a running tally of what foods are in your pantry already. Very versatile and easy to use – and again, free with an option to upgrade to a paid version (for $2.99).

Booking.comNeed to find a hotel fast? This mobile app will help you find hotels and book a room right from your mobile phone. Click through hotel photos, read reviews and check guest ratings to help you choose the perfect place to stay on your next trip. It also stores your reservations on the app, with all your reservation information to make check in a breeze. We used this on vacation in Boston recently and I loved being able to click on the address in the reservation information and voila – it connected to my GPS application and navigated me straight to the hotel! And yep, this app is free, too! My favorite price!

What’s your current app obsession? If you’ve recently stumbled on an app you think I’d love, tell me all about it in the comments section below!


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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