lovely things: pictures and memories from july

I thought I’d take a moment to showcase some of my favorite pictures and memories from the last month. It was a busy, fantastic kind of month that involved family vacations, birthdays, weddings, first haircuts and so much more…

Keeping cool. on 365 Project

We got a new water table for the kids last month and I have been so happy with it. An easy way to cool off on a hot day and it keeps both kids entertained for quite some time!

Sparks fly. on 365 Project

Watching 4th of July fireworks this year was so much fun. We went to our neighbors house which has a great view of the fireworks display with no crowds and far less noise – and a super easy walk back home afterwards! While waiting for the show to begin, the bigger kids lit off some sparklers. I was all kinds of nervous helping my 6 year old to light his and then watching him hold it, but took a quick moment to photograph it and loved how the picture came out.

pretty, pretty princess on 365 Project

Dress up clothes given to us by a friend whose daughter had outgrown them. My little girl has recently discovered her inner princess and loves nothing more than a beautiful gown, a tiara and a lot of attitude. Lord help us!

Blueberry picking. on 365 Project

We went blueberry picking with my grandmother while on vacation last month and I have to say, it’s my new favorite kind of fruit picking. Sitting on comfy chairs while plucking the fruits off of their branches with ease – and eating as many as we picked! The weather was beautiful, the company fantastic and the bounty delicious. I can’t wait to go blueberry picking again!

She's three: pretty, pretty princess. on 365 Project

My daughter turned three and we celebrated by putting her in a beautiful gown and going to my SIL’s wedding, a beautiful outdoor affair in my in law’s back yard. It was stunning and heart felt and simply wonderful and at one point in the ceremony the band played happy birthday for little BB and I’m pretty sure she thought the whole event was just for her. As it should be!

Her first haircut. on 365 Project

Her first haircut! While on our trip we had one of my oldest friends and my favorite hairdresser give BB her first salon cut. She was so good for the whole thing and the cut came out really cute, too! A very fun milestone to celebrate on our trip.

Attitude. on 365 Project

One of my favorite pictures from the month – the attitude my son is delivering in this shot just slays me!

Time out. on 365 Project

Time out! She doesn’t get a lot of time outs right now but when she does, the attitude comes out in full swing! This shot cracks me up.


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