Momma loves: a great bra!

beyond bare wirefree bras by Barely ThereCan we all agree that sometimes bra shopping just sucks? Underwire, no underwire, padding, no padding, 38B or 40C – what if I’m a 40B? What if I’m a 39B? They come in a million shapes and sizes and colors and prints and with a million features that may or may not be helpful and yet sometimes it seems impossible to find one that fits the way you want it to. Buying bras sucks.

Well I think I’ve found my favorite brand for a no nonsense bra that’s comfortable, well fitted and fairly inexpensive so of course I had to come share my findings with you because it took me 15 years to figure this out, I won’t make you wait that long!

I need to preface this by saying that I am somewhere between a B and C cup after nursing two children – by no means busty. I decided a while ago that underwire is the devil  and try hard to avoid it, especially because I’m often plagued by back pain and that’s just one more thing I don’t need. If you are blessed with a larger cup size, I’m not sure how well this bra would work for you, but I’m guessing you can figure out on your own if the dreaded underwire is necessary or not for you. For me, I’m never going back (knock on wood).

So anyway, I was wandering through the aisles of our local Target this weekend, running my hand under all the bras to feel their underwire – some are sneaky you know and look like they might not have underwire but often totally do. And some underwire seems to be softer than others, perhaps with the aid of padding? I’m not sure. Either way, I’m walking the aisles and going right past all the pretty, lacy bras because apparently if you want lace, you want to be tortured and maimed by your own underwear. Seriously. And eventually I came to an aisle filled with mostly plain white, black and beige bras with labels that read “beyond bare” and “wirefree” – ah, these are my people, I thought.

I’ve ignored these brands for awhile because at first glance they look kind of, well, plain. And dowdy. But my back hurt more than usual that day so I decided to give one of their white bras a shot – it looks sort of like the bra pictured above, but in white (I’m showing you the black one because it’s prettier – and no, lord, that ain’t me – I am neither that tan nor that skinny, but you can pretend it’s me if that makes you feel better (I might join you).

So aside from the plainness and the lack of underwire, another thing I noticed was that the sizing is totally different. There were no As Bs or Cs and no numbers. Beyond Bare seems to be using the S M L size system, with a handy chart on the back to help you figure out which size you should get. I was a little skeptical but also relieved that I didn’t have to look for my sometimes obscure size. For one trip, I felt normal. I grabbed a large and decided to just take it home and try it on in the comfort and privacy of my home which would offer me ice cream if I found out it didn’t fit. But it totally did!

The bra has just a touch of padding so it won’t feel like your first training bra, fits well and seems to do a good job of preventing bulges with wider sides and back. It looked just as good underneath my clothing as the ridiculous torture device I’d put on that morning and ohhh… the comfort. My back immediately felt better and I took a deep sigh of relief. I want one in every color. And if they ever make them with a little lace and frill and maybe some patterns? They will totally have a customer for life.

I also picked up a two pack of their bandinis which were also comfy and offer the versatility of being worn in multiple ways to accommodate your wardrobe and sense of style – you can even double them up and wear them like a sports bra at the gym if you’re one of those people (someday, momma, someday…). They come in different colors, too, so you can have fun, go nuts and enjoy your bras! In comfort. Imagine that.

What’s your favorite bra? Are you a Wirefree Warrior like me or do you demand wire for your cups? Got a good brand I should know about? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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