things i love: my children.

I thought I’d take a moment as the week draws to a close, to talk about some of the things I’m *loving* about my kids right now – little milestones and moments, achievements and motherly rambling. Maybe I’ll make this a regular Friday feature to just blog about the the non-material things in my life that are making me smile.

Signs of a fun day. on 365 Project

My son, I call him MM online, is six years old and graduating from Kindergarten in less than three weeks. As much as I worry about keeping him entertained this summer and keeping all of us from going crazy, there are some things I’m looking forward to like spending more time reading with him.

MM is a voracious reader just like his momma and seems to be reading at roughly a 3rd grade level right now – crazy! We’re planning to do the Summer Reading Program again this year at our local library and also at Barnes & Noble – where you can win a free book just for reading and documenting 8 books this summer! That should be terribly easy at this age. I just picked up the first book in a new series geared towards 5-8 year olds called Captain Awesome to the Rescue! by Stan Kirby that I think MM will really enjoy. A little more challenging than the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems that we devoured last year but still age appropriate.

I’m also looking forward to soaking up his incredibly friendly and outgoing personality. Here we are opposites. His mother? She is a bit of a homebody and has anti-social tendencies. I speak quietly and mumble a lot and will do anything to get out of making phone calls. MM would take strangers home with him if he could and sees everybody as a potential best friend – for better or worse. I’m hoping that we’ll spend a lot of time out and about, socializing with friends and maybe even making some new friends this summer.

That gorgeous girl of mine. on 365 Project

My daughter BB is two and a half and possibly the most beautiful girl in the universe. She is a handful and a half and she knows it. Lately our days have been either amazingly peaceful and fun – filled with giggles and silly moments…. or one raging temper tantrum after the other and momma impatiently waiting for naptime or dinnertime or bedtime. Sometimes, often, our days are both all at the same time. Terrible twos are colliding into terrifying threes and we’re all in trouble basically.

But even with all this chaos, I can’t help but be amazed at how fast she is learning and how much she takes in. She is in a really fun phase right now of learning and being able to interact a LOT more than she was last year. The other night she read me the entire Brown Bear book by Eric Carle without any help, just from having memorized it. Just like her brother… I’m looking forward to watching the two of them interact this summer now that she will be able to really keep up with him. It’s always fun to watch them play together and this summer they’ll get to do it a lot!

Right now BB’s favorite things are Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and building towers with blocks (and then knocking them all down). This week I taught her to kick a ball at her YMCA class and we spent a good bit of the class kicking the ball back and forth to each other. She’s incredibly agile for her age and loves to learn new things and play games. When we take walks together she likes to walk backwards and do “hand stands” (really more of a downward facing dog) and anything else her brother can do!

In short, I am loving my incredibly adorable, intelligent, sweet and loving kiddos right now and while I’m a little nervous about a summer with both of them at home (namely nap time and the potential lack thereof), I am super excited about all the things we’ll do together and learn this summer. What about you? What are you loving right now?


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