Idol Thoughts: Top 6 Take on Queen

Last night the Top 6 of American Idol performed songs by Queen in the first half and then picked their own song for Round 2, no rules or restrictions basically.

jessica sanchezJessica Sanchez opened the show performing Bohemian Rhapsody and then Dance With My Father in round two. I thought she absolutely slayed it in round one, a very powerful performance that surprised me, it was solid all the way through and beautiful. She got quite emotional in the second song which she was dedicating to her father who is about to be deployed to Singapore with the military, the judges really adored the performance, but I have to be honest it was not my favorite Jessica moment which sounds awful to say, but it’s true. Maybe it was just because I was still so blown away by her first performance. Overall she still gets an Easy A.

Sylar Laine opened with The Show Must Go On, and I really enjoyed her countrified version of this song. It was powerful and perfectly delivered and fit like a glove. In round two she sang Tattoos on This Town – it was very classic Skylar – a good old country song. It wasn’t the best performance ever but it was very good. The judges basically said that she had the best performances of the night… I’m not sure I agree, but I’d give her a B+.

Joshua LedetJoshua Ledet sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love in round one which I thought was the perfect song for him. He has so hit his stride and he just sailed through the song in classic Joshua Form. But in round two he surprised me with India.Arie’s Ready for Love  – this performance gave me goose bumps. It was not his usual format, but it was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. That performance earned him an A easily.

Elise Testone sang I Want It All in the first round and I thought it was one of her best performances in awhile. It sounded effortless and really fit her voice beautifully – and I loved her dress, by the way, very pretty. In round two she sang Bold As Love by Jimi Hendrix and Steven commented that the song was too little known for this stage in the competition which made me laugh because I’m a big fan of John Mayer’s version of this song and my husband adores the original so I’ve heard both and know the song well. I thought Elise sang it well, but I thought John sang it better. Round two was a better round for her over all, I’d give her a B+.

Phillip Phillips… I have to be honest, he disappointed me this week. He sang Fat Bottomed Girls in round one and I didn’t love it, possibly because I don’t like the song. I didn’t like it when Puck sang it on Glee and I didn’t like it on Phillip either. The song just felt too crass for him in my opinion and also the instruments drowned him out a bit. In round two he sang Dave Matthews’ The Stone which fit him soooo much better. Jennifer worried he was playing it too safe, but I disagree. The song was much better for him and showed him I think as more realistic to what kind of album he should put out. But his first performance brings him to a B+ / A-  for me and I hate to say that.

hollie cavanaghHollie Cavanagh sang Save Me in round one and it wasn’t great, at least initially. It picked up as she went on but it was not her best performance by any means. Amazingly, in round two she closed the show with Miley Cyrus’ The Climb and in my opinion it was the best performance of the night. When she’s on her game and choosing the right songs, she’s one of the best singers in the competition, but when she’s not… she’s not. If she sang all her songs like the last one, I think she could actually win. But overall I’d grade her with a B+ / A- like Phillip.


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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