Idol Thoughts: The Lucky 7

Last night the remaining Top 7 contestants on American Idol sang songs produced in the last three years. This gave each of them a chance to sing something contemporary and perhaps give America a taste of what kind of album they might put out today.

For me this was another week of very good performances and a few VERY very good performances. I’ll just go person by person again and tell you my thoughts. Oh and I’m going to start grading the performances, too, just for fun!

Skylar opened this week with a Kelly Pickler (love her) song that got  her a lot of praise from the judges. I agree that she did a good job but for me personally it wasn’t a GREAT performance. You know, it wasn’t stand out. And at this point I think standout is important. B-

Colton sang Skylar Grey’s “Love the Way You Lie” which I think is a beautiful song that he did a good job with. But again, just a good job. It all felt very predictable at this point and didn’t give me “goosies” – that said, I hope to see him again next week as he is one of my contenders overall. B+

jessica sanchezJessica sang Jazmine Sullivan’s “Stuttering” and of course nailed it. I always enjoy hearing Jessica sing but I would say that I’d like to hear her surprise us next week – her songs are getting predictable, but luckily predictable and Jessica Sanchez at least equals amazing. A-

Joshua LedetJoshua sang one of the few Bruno Mars songs that I don’t know, “Runaway Baby.” And maybe it’s a good thing I don’t know it, because I might have judged him more harshly if he’d tried to take on “Just The Way You Are” or “It Will Rain.” As it stands, I thought he did a great job – he’s still not the  guy who’s CD I would buy, but I can’t deny his talent – and America loves him. He could potentially win the whole thing. B

hollie cavanaghHollie sang Pink’s “Perfect” last night and am I crazy or was her performance PERFECT? I was very confused by the judge’s feedback because I thought she nailed the song. And truthfully I think they went a little easy on other contestants, perhaps just steering along their favorites for all it’s worth? I don’t know. Hollie has been inconsistent in this season and lacks confidence, but she should know that her performance last night was ah-mazing. She kinda made my jaw drop a little with some of her notes. I hope America agrees with me and NOT the judges. A

phillip phillipsPhillip… Do I even have to say anything? Can I please just have his CD already and tickets to his first concert? I’m wondering at this point if I’m simply biased and can’t hear anything other than perfection from him. The judge’s feedback was mixed – good stuff and less good stuff. All I heard from his performance of Maroon 5’s “Give a Little More” was GOOD STUFF. People are trying to pit him and Colton (the cutie pies) against each other and neither seems to be biting. Smart boys. I think they’ll both go far, but of course Phillip is my personal favorite. A++++

Elise sang “You and I” by LADY GAGA. Of course she did a good job, making a major comeback from last week, but I just have to say – this might not have been her smartest song choice. She’s no Gaga, I’m sorry, and I think America will see that clearly. I kept wishing she’d sung the notes more like Gaga did which is unfair but true. Still, much better than last week. B-

So where does that leave me with WHO SHOULD GO HOME? I honestly don’t know. They all did a good job, some more exciting good than others. All I can really say at this point is who I absolutely DO NOT want to go home and that would be Phillip, Jessica and Colton. And Hollie this week. I like an underdog. I think Joshua will be safe ultimately  and that it might come down to Hollie and Elise tonight. Or Skylar if opening the show meant her fans forgot her performance by the end of the night. Which I’m sort of guilty of. What do you think?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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