Idol Thoughts: The Top 8 Take on the 80’s

This week the Top 8 on American Idol took on songs from the 80’s. I have to say, this would not be the decade I’d want to choose from musically – the 80’s are not really my cup of musical tea generally speaking but the contestants overall did a very good job. The Bottom 3 at this point could be anyone because most people brought their A game and the ones who maybe didn’t have big enough followings at this point that it might not matter.

Here are my thoughts on each of the performances:

DeAndre got pretty positive feedback tonight, which just proves to me that he simply isn’t my cup of tea. He is just “fine” for me most weeks and I can take it or leave it. My favorite performance from him to date was his reggae song a few weeks back and he’s moved very far away from that genre at this point. Aside from genre preferences I will say that I don’t think he’s all there yet, which is fine because he’s so young. I think there are other performers in the competition that are much stronger and defined and confident. He would be in my bottom 3 personally but I have no idea if America will agree.

Elise in my opinion picked the wrong song. It just wasn’t good enough for her. It’s a boring, sleepy song and makes her voice sound flawed instead of incredible – and we’ve all seen how incredible she can be. Case in point, she rocked her duet with Phillip tonight hard. I’d much rather judge her on her duet than her solo performance this week. I hope she makes it through to the next round but unfortunately she had one of the weaker performances tonight so we’ll see.

phillip phillipsYou know I love me some Phillip Phillips. He’s been in my Top 3 every week and despite a somewhat rocky first few lines this week, when he got into the groove, it was the same awesome performance I’ve come to expect from him. I want to go to a Phillip Phillips concert – I adore this kid. This might not have been his best performance but it was still one of the better performances of the night and still very good.

Joshua LedetJoshua had one of the best performances of the night and coming from me that’s saying a lot because much like DeAndre, he’s not really my cup of tea either usually. But this song was just perfect for him and you could just see how comfortable he was with it. I think he killed it and though I might not buy his album, I think a lot of people would. I see him being in the Top 3 this week.

Jessica got high praise this week but to be honest it wasn’t my favorite performance for her. I didn’t love the song choice – I found it kind of … jumpy. And by that I guess I just mean that the pace was so fast that you never really got to savor any of the notes and enjoy her beautiful voice. She did a great job though and I hope to see her in the Top 5.

Hollie is such a talented singer, her voice really is incredible, but the beginning of this performance wasn’t great. It wasn’t bad it just wasn’t great. The judges talked a lot about letting go and not analyzing every detail so much, and I don’t think she’s there yet. She will be an amazing performer when she’s older I think, and she really finds that confidence to just sing. But for me this week she’d join DeAndre in the bottom three. Both are very talented but don’t seem to have the confidence to own it yet.

colton dixonColton for me was the best performance of the night. He absolutely slayed it. I don’t typically like this style of singing. On some performers it comes across as very whiney, but I love it on him. He has been a favorite of mine from the beginning and tonight he absolutely wowed me.

Skylar closed the show with a ballad which is pretty different from her typical upbeat country songs and I have to say this was her best performance to date for me. It was beautiful and the judges loved it, too. She and Jessica for me complete my Top 5 of the night and I’m looking forward to seeing what she performs next (assuming of course that she stays in the competition, because really at this point it’s anyone’s game).

So what did you think of 80’s night? Who’s your favorite? Who are you ready to send home?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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