Idol Thoughts: The top 9 sing songs by THEIR idols

I just watched last night’s Idol performances (someday I’ll be able to watch live AND vote) where the Top 9 performers sang songs by their idols.

The judges commented that everyone seemed to really bring their A game and were doing really well and I have to agree. For the most part, it was a lot of amazing performances. The ones I didn’t like I would really say, “I didn’t like as much” or “it just wasn’t for me personally” – nobody outright stunk though. And a lot of people wowed me.

colton dixonColton Dixon opened the show with a Lifehouse song and did so well. He was a front runner for me last week and this week I thought he really delivered again. My only complaint – and it’s not a new one, is that I wish he would enunciate a bit better. Maybe I’m nit picking, but it would be swell to  understand all the words. Skylar did another country song (of course) by Miranda Lambert and of course she did great – she is a little ball of energy and she always delivers. I don’t know if it was her best performance but it was very good – if anything she might have peaked too soon and now I’m expecting too much from her. HeeJun surprised the heck out of me by actually taking the competition seriously this week. He clearly realized that joking his way through the competition would only get him so far. This was absolutely his best performance to date with “A Song For You” by Donny Hathaway – which I love, but I’m still not convinced he’ll be a long term contender.

jessica sanchezHollie is another performer who sings so well but again her enunciation could use improvement, especially in her lower range. But when she hits those higher notes, she’s incredible. DeAndre was actually my least favorite performance. He sang almost entirely in a very high falsetto and the judges absolutely loved it, but it just wasn’t my thing. He probably did what he was going for great, but it’s not something I’d listen to personally. Next Jessica Sanchez, who you know I adore, sang a song by Beyonce but slowed it down to a beautiful ballad. For me the beginning was a touch rocky, but once she got into it…. man it was beautiful. She has an amazing voice. I hope she continues because I think she’s terrific.

phillip phillipsPhillip Phillips sang a song by Jonny Lang and you know I’m about to go all teeny bopper fan girl on you because heck yes, I adored it. When he opens his mouth I turn into that blubbery Backstreet Boys Fan Jen of the 1990’s. Totally different genre and not typically my favorite – but his raspy voice instantly caught my attention. He is an amazing performer and still my favorite of the group. Joshua sang a Mariah Carey song and yes he did a good job, but I don’t know. He’s just not my favorite. I think that he could be a major contender though, the judges love him and America seems to agree.

elise testoneElise Testone closed the show singing a Led Zepplin song which initially made me think “Wow, she’s in trouble” but she absolutely blew it out of the water. I think this was her best performance to date and brought her up to Major Contender Status for me. And I can tell how big a change of pace this is for her for me (for me for her?) because I just had to do an image search for her for the first time – that’s right guys, this is her first time being featured on here (Proudest moment of her life, I’m sure)!

So personally if I were going to send someone home, it would be DeAndre – and best performance of the night would  go to either Elise or Phillip. How about you?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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