Idol Thoughts: Top 10 perform Billy Joel

So last night the Idol contestants sang songs by Billy Joel who I puffy hearts adore like anyone else who has ears and a soul. I thought a lot of the contestants did pretty well – in fact I don’t think I could name any one contestant and say, “They did awful.” Not all the performances were my thing or were brilliant but most were enjoyable for me.

The contestants I’d place in the bottom right now would be DeAndre and HeeJun (and maybe Joshua) and not because they aren’t talented, not because they did a bad job – but because I just don’t think they’ll win at the end of the day compared to some of the other performers. They aren’t there yet in my opinion. But I still thought they all did pretty good. DeAndre’s performance was “nice” and HeeJun’s was “entertaining” and Joshua’s was “pretty good” – whereas a lot of the other performers for me did really well.

phillip phillipsMy top 2 tonight is slightly different than usual. I thought the two perfomers that REALLY stood out, gave me goose bumps and rocked the night were Phillip (of course) and Colton. Phillip continues to impress me week after week. I thought his performance was just absolutely perfect and I love that he stayed true to himself after the feedback before his performance. I feel a little bit like a teeny bopper again every time he comes on stage.

colton dixonColton I’ve liked from the beginning (as in, even back to the previous seasons where he didn’t quite make it to the live shows) and though he hasn’t always been the strongest performance, I’ve always enjoyed him. This week he really delivered in my opinion. He is another artist that seems to really know who he is and what he’s about and I think that translates through the music. He killed it.

Tonight’s elimination should be interesting because I don’t think anyone did a bad job so it could really be anyone at this point. I just hope it’s not my Top 2 (or Jessica Sanchez who I still adore even if Colton edged her out for me this week).

How about you? Who did you love? Who do you hate?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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