Idol Thoughts: Top 12 Birth Year Performances

Last night the Top 12 contestants on American Idol were tasked with performing a song from the year they were born –  singing songs from 1983-1995, a fact that makes me feel pretty old. And actually it was only the Top 11 because OMG one of the contestants was disqualified due to having 4 outstanding warrants for their arrest – wow. Anyway, I’m not even going to get into that, let’s just talk about the performances that were ah-mazing and a couple that I thought were not very good at all.

phillip phillipsTo begin with, yes, I loved Phillip and Jessica last night. It almost seems redundant to say it again, but I thought they did great, especially Phillip. He was my #1 for the night delivering a performance that was not only stellar but also buyable. As in, “I’d buy that album.”

jessica sanchezJessica’s performance was beautiful, in my opinion. The judges gave her some harsh feedback along the lines of, “We think you are so crazy talented so we’re delivering some tough love tonight.” I don’t think they disliked the performance so much as saw her being capable of better. And with some other outstanding performances that night, they may be right. But I still think she is crazy talented and I’m crossing my fingers that America agrees with me.

Joshua LedetFor me the other two performances that were jaw dropping good were from Joshua and Hollie, both contestants that I hadn’t really been excited about until recently. I thought they delivered good performances last week but this week they were definitely contenders for the Top 3.

hollie cavanaghJoshua might have had the best performance of the night, but I’m still not certain I’d buy his album even if I think he’s crazy talented. Hollie I’d consider buying an album from and the fact that that voice is coming out of that tiny little girl is kind of amazing.

I thought a lot of the other performances were very good or at least acceptable but two performances just flat out bummed me out. The first being HeeJun, a performer I’ve had my issues with before but who had a few shining moments where I had to acknowledge he has talent. Last night’s performance was SO not the best song for him – the breathy raspy thing was just awful – and I’m back to thinking he could go home and I wouldn’t mind. I also thought Elise did a really bad job – her high notes were unimpressive to me but maybe I’m the only one who thinks so because the judges raved about her performance. She may stick around till next week.

How about you? Are you following Idol this season? Who do you love? Who do you hate?


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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