Idol Thoughts: From 13 to 12

I always wonder how my tastes will compare with that of America at large or at least the voting audience of American Idol. Especially as I get older and, well, pickier. A pretty face and a nice personality doesn’t take a contestant as far now as it might have when I was younger.

This week the Top 13 performed songs by Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston. Continuing in my dorky nature, I took notes of the performances complete with happy  faces for the great performances, stars for my favorites, slanty faces for the people I was unimpressed with and an X for the two performers I would send home this week (one male and one female since that’s how it went down this week with the girls and guys competing against each other).

phillip phillipsjessica sanchezMy Top 2 this week were the same as previous, I am totally Team Jessica and Team Phillip all the way. There were some other contestants that I think sang their butts off this week or at least did a better job for me than before (Joshua, Jermaine, DeAndre, Skylar, HeeJun and Hollie – most of whom, I’ll point out, I was completely unimpressed with up until now) and some that I was pretty disappointed in (Jeremy, Shannon, Colton, Erika and Elise).

For me the bottom two came down pretty clearly to Elise and Jeremy. Elise – who not only disappointed me with her performance but also her attitude about the performance. She seemed somewhat unwilling to hear the judge’s criticism and I just think you need a tougher skin than that and a more open mind to make it in this business. I’m sure I wouldn’t do better, but luckily I don’t have the vocal chops to ever worry about finding out. Jeremy impressed me so much last week so to hear him do so poorly this week was pretty disappointing. Even more so for J Lo I’m sure who adores him. I was surprised that he was eliminated last night, I honestly thought it would be Elise – but I don’t think it was necessarily the wrong decision.

So, for now America and I actually seem to be on somewhat the same page. Yes some of the performances I enjoyed were in the bottom 3 boys or girls, but my Big Front Runners made it through with ease and some people I felt fumbled but hoped would make it through? Did. And more impressively – I totally predicted the bottom two this week. So I’m pretty thrilled so far and if I were fifteen years younger I’d be bedazzling myself some Team Sanchez / Phillips t-shirts right about now.


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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