Idol Thoughts: And then there were 13.

One of the downsides to not watching American Idol live (aside from not being able to vote – grrr) is that by the time I find a chance to blog my thoughts, it’s become a wee bit redundant. I didn’t blog my thoughts about the girls’ performances because by the time I’d watched the episode AND had time to blog about it, the rest of you had already seen the results (if you are watching live).

That said, I’m really blogging about this for my own sake, because I have a bad memory – and I know in the past that I’ve totally written off a performer early on and then been wowed by and ultimately found myself rooting for them later. And I want to remember this year how I felt about each of the contestants by the time we get down to the final few.

So here are my thoughts on the folks who made it into the Top 13 – and a few comments on some people who didn’t. Obviously, there are  going to be spoilers in this post, so if you haven’t watched the results yet and don’t want the results ruined, then wait and read this AFTER you’ve watched it. (I know you’ll totally come back here then, right?)

Our Top 13 of Season 11

  1. phillip phillipsPhillip Phillips was the first person to be told they’d made the Top 10 and I think it’s been pretty obvious that everyone adores him, including me. I may have done a little internal happy dance over the news – he is one of my absolute favorites right now.
  2. jessica sanchezJessica Sanchez was the next person called which I thought was pretty telling because she was my favorite from girls’ night. when I heard her sing in Hollywood week, I literally had my mouth open in shock of her skills (okay maybe not literally, but you know what I mean. This week, even with a supposedly weak voice, she blew it out of the park in my opinion. These two are probably my top 2 and clearly America’s as well.
  3. Hollie Cavanagh was the next person welcomed into the Top 10 (remember the judges each got one Wild Card pick to make the Top 13). She sang Reflection last night and I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy it personally but she she seems sweet and I think she may grow on me.
  4. Joshua Ledet was the next one chosen. He’s very gospel and not really my vibe. I thought he did a good job, but thus far I wouldn’t “buy his CD” if you know what I mean. All the judges clearly think he’s the next best thing since sliced bread though, so he may do well.
  5. HeeJun Han for me is that running joke that stopped being funny a long time ago. The only thing I really like about HeeJun is that everytime he’s on stage, Steven Tyler sings a Beatles song (yes, that one). Okay, I’m being harsh. He actually has a nice voice, but there is just something about him that rubs me the wrong way and I would have been happy to see him go home, mostly because there are people who DID go home that made me want to scream into the TV with all of the angst of a heartbroken tweenie bopper. Seriously guys. But yeah, he’s still in the competition and I don’t know, whatever. It’s fine.
  6. Shannon Magrane is as sweet as Southern Iced Tea but I personally didn’t like her performance Wednesday night. She sang “Go Light Your World” which I’m not familiar with and frankly it bored me, which is too bad because again, she’s so sweet. But the judges clearly heard something I didn’t and either that talent I wasn’t hearing or her sweetness got her through to next week.
  7. skylar laineSkylar Laine! Finally some results that I could be excited about. This girl is a fire ball! She sang “Stay With Me” and I wrote down “powerful voice, great performance!!” (yes, I’m taking notes, shut up. we all know I’m a nerd guys, deal with it) She had so much energy in her performance and really worked the crowd and was jumping up and down SO much that it was almost too much, except it wasn’t. She made it through and I was thrilled.
  8. Elise Testone also made it through. She sang Adele’s “One & Only” because, seriously, everyone wants to sing some Adele these days. I actually commented that Jen Hirsh (who didn’t make it through) did a better job in my opinion, but it wasn’t that Elise did a bad job. She seems pretty talented, so we’ll see.
  9. colton dixonColton Dixon made it through, too! If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m a fan of his. Although he wasn’t one of my absolute front runners this week, I already know him from last year and I was disappointed when he didn’t make it through then. I thought he did a great job this week and was SO happy that America voted him through. Yay!
  10. Jermaine Jones was the last person voted through by America and he was also an unexpected call back who didn’t originally make it through to this week but for some reason the judges had a change of heart. Apparently America agrees – he’s got one of those big booming voices that matches his giant proportions (that man is TALL) and although he sang his song well, he’s another of those “I wouldn’t buy the CD” people – but all that really means is that I don’t consider myself his target audience.
  11. Erika Van Pelt was the first person saved last night – selected by Randy. She sang “What About Love” on Wednesday and I was seriously not into it at all but last night she sang Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga and I thought it suited her voice much more along with being a ton more relevant and obviously it was enough to get the vote of Randy. I am fine with her continuing on, but her voice doesn’t really do it for me personally.
  12. Jeremy Rosado being picked by J Lo was no surprise at all. She was sobbing through his performance tonight when they sang for their lives and she clearly adores this kid. I commented in my last post that I think he’s a terrific singer and I do think he deserves to go through.
  13. Deandre Brackensick was Steven Tyler’s choice and guys, I’m sorry, but this is where I start getting bitchy. Because, well one, I don’t like his voice. I didn’t think he did a good job either night this week and his hair tossing is annoying. But I probably could have looked past this if it weren’t for the fact that he was chosen OVER Reed Grimm who was my absolute favorite performance of the night!!! I know, he’s weird and possibly crazy and that he’s all over the place and who knows if that’s marketable, but I don’t care.

I think Reed’s brilliant and I was tremendously disappointed that he didn’t go through AND when he sang last night the judges made some comments that to me read, “We have no intention of voting for you, we just wanted to watch your antics one more time before you leave.” Like he’s one of those ridiculous idiots from the auditions week who only makes it onto the show because train wrecks = ratings.

Which, I mean, maybe I read too much into that and maybe he didn’t care, but I cared – because I like some weirdness, eccentricity and originality now and then. I like that he’s his own thing and he doesn’t tame himself for the sake of marketablity. Nobody would tell Lady Gaga or STEVEN TYLER to stop being so damned weird when … okay sorry. I’m going off on a tangent that doesn’t really matter. Point is, Deandre apparently was good enough to make it through and Reed wasn’t. Neither was Creighton Fraker, another of my front runners or Jen Hirsh who I thought did great. I was also sad to say goodbye to Aaron Marcellus, Brielle Von Hugel (though I was glad to see her mother leave) and Hallie Day (who I thought absolutely killed it).

How about you? Did any of your favorites make it through? Did you scream at the television over anyone who didn’t? (Am I the only one cares that much?)


What do YOU think? Leave me a comment below.

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